Hosting tips for beginners

Hosting TipsFor Beginners

Do you like to host parties? Playing host is one of my favorite things to do. I love having company at our house. We keep our parties casual and upbeat just going the flow of the party and not scheduling every detail and event. That is the first tip that I can give about hosting a party is to be flexible. If your guest calls and says they are running late look at this an opportunity to relax. When the guest does arrive make them feel welcome as if they are on time. Also, remember that your guest is probably a little embarrassed because they are late and feel uncomfortable walking in after the party has started. So welcoming in the late guest sets the tone for the whole event. Also, as I have said before the presentation is everything. You can make store bought look like you have slaved all day in the kitchen but just presenting it in a manner that is pleasing to the eye. If you are planning on serving chips and such, make sure to put them in a beautiful bowl instead of just putting the bag out on the table. Also, if you are serving sandwiches or tortilla rollups consider making them into mini bites and use a decorative toothpick to hold them together. Sometimes occasions called for paper plates and cups, like a barbecue, but you can still by decorative plates to make the event festive and inviting. Whether you are throwing an elaborate, elegant dinner party or a backyard barbecue remember these two things: you set the tone of the occasion and presentation is everything.

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