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This past weekend we went once again to my happy place. For just a few hours I was able to just relax and watch  my favorite team play. The Carolina Railhawks were playing an exhibition game with Puebla FC, a team from Mexico. Of course, ours was a house divided. Mikaela and Raul wore their Mexico jerseys and Maddie, Gracie and I cheered for the Railhawks even though I  was the only one wearing a Railhawks shirt. Being able to watch a team from another country was definitely a treat, but I was little upset with the respect that I saw throughout the game. I might be biased but I think you should respect all countries. At the beginning of the game, they played the Mexican national anthem and then the USA national anthem. During the time the Mexican national anthem was being played the stadium was quiet as a show of respect but when the USA anthem was played, I was disappointed that the people around me ( mostly Hispanics) chose this time to have conversations very loudly with each other. Where is the respect? They are obviously living in the USA so why be disrespectful of the country that you are living in? Even though I don’t visit Mexico often I still respect the country because that is where my husband is from. It seems to me that if you live in a country whether legally or illegally you should respect the customs and symbols of that country. I was quiet during the time that their anthem was being played why can’t they show me the same respect?

Am I wrong to ask this from people from another country? To many times we are forced to be politically correct with people from other countries and ethnic backgrounds when if fact they don’t show us the same respect. I am not saying that all people from other countries are disrespectful to our country’s values and traditions, but there are a few that give those that do a bad name.

So what do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject.

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  1. Yes, I definitely agree. But sometimes, I do not think they are being disrespectful on purpose, some people really just do not think. They are very unaware.

  2. I do think it would be respectful to simply not interrupt during the playing of any country’s national anthem.

  3. I agree that if you are in Rome you should do as the Romans do. If those around you are in a time of reflection and then take time to respect them and do the same.
    I think the best we can do is teach our kids what to do an expect others to learn from the young among us!

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