Waiting for Perfect

Waiting for Perfect

How many times have we heard that phrase – waiting for perfect? Whether it is the perfect outfit, perfect house, perfect car, perfect partner, perfect time – perfect anything, really. We get so caught up waiting for perfect that life passes us by. I know all about waiting for perfect because I have been guilty of doing just that, and I catch myself when I am spiraling down that hole.

This past weekend. I attended the She Speaks Conference put on by Proverbs 31 Ministries. And one of the things that hit me besides feeling unworthy the day before the conference was that we get so caught up on how things look (i.e. waiting for perfect) in the beginning that we fail to start.

Y’all, my little toes were stepped on when Hosanna Wong, one of the speakers, said- when we hoard our stories (waiting too long to share- waiting for the perfect time to share), we are actually disobeying God. And that our fears and insecurities are holding us back from a truly intimate relationship with God.

Hosanna said we get so caught up on what we don’t have instead of looking at what we do have. Y’all, that post I wrote about feeling unworthy was exactly what I was doing. I was focused on what I thought I didn’t have. Instead, I should have focused on the fact that I have a much better mom/daughter relationship with my girls, and my girls know that I love them regardless of anything that happens. I made sure to make that relationship a priority because I didn’t have one with my mom. My story is one of breaking generational curses so that my girls know, above all else they are loved. And that my love doesn’t come with any conditions or terms.

I know that, as a mom, I have made mistakes ( we all do) and that there are limits to what I can do. But I learned this past weekend that there is power in limitations. The fact that I can even sit here in the Blog Cabin and write this post about limitations and how I am guilty of waiting for perfect just shows you how far I have come.

Because if you asked me a few years ago (before I turned 50) if I was waiting for perfect or if I had faults, I would have laughed and quickly changed the subject.

So today. I will admit that I have held myself back because I didn’t feel worthy enough and that my story had any meaning at all. I never felt the perfect time to share my story because I always felt like nobody would listen. I almost didn’t share my worthy post last week because I was waiting for the perfect time to post, and I also knew there would be judgment. But guess what, folks, I am NOT waiting for perfect anymore.

Thanks, She Speaks and Hosanna.

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