Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

AFM Valentine's Day Gift Ideas


Stressing on what to buy your sweetie and family for Valentine’s Day?? Why stress here are some  suggestions that will help you to find something for everybody on your list.


  • For Teenage girls- you can’t go wrong with makeup and hair products. You can also use coupons to save on the cost.
  • For toddlers- 1 stuff animal and some stickers will do. Remember you are more impressed by the gift than they are. Most toddlers rather play with the box.
  • For Teenage boys- you can’t go wrong with sports related items and if they are not into sports anything technology related will do.
  • For a family- consider making them a theme basket such as a movie night basket or an ice cream or s’mores basket or even a video game that the whole family can play together.
  • For parents – (whether they are yours or someone else’s) gift cards to restaurant are an awesome way for them to squeeze those date nights in.
  • For your wife – Jewelry – even a small silver locket will go a long way and flowers and maybe a coupon for a date night later on in the year.
  • For your husband- watch, shirts and tools, the gift of time, maybe even a coupon for a quickie.

No matter who you are buying gifts  for this season of love, these ideas  will make your shopping easier and less stressful.

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  1. Thanks for the great gift ideas! I still have NO CLUE what I’m getting the hubby!

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