Cute Valentine Survival Kits

AFM Survival Kits

These are so awesome and so easy to prepare:

Sweets for the Sweet #1

On a pretty piece of paper perhaps on a lace doily print the following:
Reminders of why I love you:
Sweet Escapes- for those times we spend alone
Candle- you are the light of my life
Peppermint Patty- for the cool sensations you give me
Stick of gum- for all the times you’ve stuck by me
Matches- we are a perfect match
Charmin Tissue- you are too irresistible NOT to squeeze
Mounds- for the mounds of love I feel for you….
Hugs and Kisses- [your name]

Sweets for the Sweet  #2

Jolly Rancher – all the times you’ve made me laughSweet Escapes – the special times we spend alone

Hugs & Kisses – yours are simply the best!

100,000 dollar bar – worth more than a grand to me.

Peppermint Patty – for the cool “SENSATIONS” you give me

Skittles – for the rainbow of excitment we share

a balloon – that you remind me to always reach for the sky

cotton ball – to help soften the rough times.

Charmin Tissue – you are to irresistable NOT to squeeze…. lol

popcorn – cause you keep popping in to my thoughts

small glasses{{like used on dolls}} – to always help me to SEE clearly needle and thread=that binds us together

a Match – we are a perfect “match”

pom-pom ball – for the warm fuzzies you create.

a rose {{real or silk}}- hand picked for perfection as I picked you..if silk so it will last forever like us.

a box of RED HOTS… for my body gets hot when I’m with you!

LIGHTER in it .. for you light up my life

These fun kits are made simply by adding all of the “ingredients”, printing the list of items and their meaning and putting it all in a jar with a nice decorative jar topper. These are inexpensive kits, especially if you can recycle the jar from your kitchen (keep your eye open for nice jelly and relish jars at the store. You can the treat bags that you get from the dollar store and add some filler in it to make it look better.

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