Valentine Gifts That Won’t Break The Bank

valentine gifts


Valentine’s Day  is about two weeks away and you are probably stressing over how what you are going to get your loved ones. Here are a few suggestions for Valentine’s that won’t break the bank. and will bring a smile to everyone on your list.

  • Stickers – These are a great thing to give a child. I have not met a kid yet that does not like stickers. Add them to a basket with a journal and a nice pencil or pen. Instant gift.
  • Purse Key Hanger – Do you have someone on your list that always misplaces their keys, this is the perfect gift.  I have one for my keys and I love it. Now if I only remember to use it.
  • Sticky Notes – These are cheap and you can always add these into a basket as well. Buy a whole bunch and search the web for designs to make from them as well.
  •  Popcorn – Add a box of popcorn, seasoning mix and a nice bowl and you the perfect movie night kit.
  • Wine or Sparkling Juice– You cannot go wrong with this gift. Add a note not to open until special occasion.

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