Wood You Want This Watch?

Disclosure: I received a watch in exchange for this review. All opinions are expressed are 100% mine.



This past weekend we attended just like everyone else in the country a cookout to celebrate July 4th. Well, we were sitting there chatting with friends, the men in the group noticed the watch that my husband was wearing. They were totally intrigued by the way it looked. Why do you ask? Well, the watch was unlike any that they have ever seen before. It made mainly from wood.

They asked to hold it and when my husband took it off to hand it to the other husbands they were surprised how light it was. They then took off their watches and compared the weight. I will have to say that the wooden watch was a lot lighter. All the husbands and wives were impressed by this simple yet unique watch. It was a big hit at the party, and you could just see how proud my husband was to wear the watch. Now I know you are wondering where can I get one of those watches. Well, funny you should ask, because here is a little bit about these wood watches. They are made by a company called JORD. This company prides itself on making watches from all natural material. I will have to say that this is probably a unique watch that I have ever seen.  My husband who generally does not wear a watch will wear this one when we are going out with friends or with family. Plus it keeps awesome time. Not many watches can both.

AFM Jord

It is definitely a unique timepiece for anyone to own. It is a little pricey, but the amount spent on it is justified by its uniqueness. I have found myself secretly coveting the watch. Maybe one day it will be on my wrist, or I will have one of my own but until then a girl can dream.

For unique timepieces check out JORD, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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