When You Should Apply for a Divorce 4 Signs of a Failed Marriage

When You Should Apply for a Divorce 4 Signs of a Failed Marriage from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

According to the latest reports, divorce rates are dropping in California and the US as a whole. It’s believed that the reason for this is that couples get married later in life. Presumably, at this point, they are more settled and have a better understanding of whether their relationship will work out. However, the fact that not all marriages survive remains true. Therefore, living through a divorce is an unfortunate experience many will have to face. At this point, it’s important to understand when exactly you should break off the relationship so as not to drag it out and only hurt each other further.

Every relationship is unique, therefore there isn’t some specific measurement of marital happiness. However, there are common signs that point to your marriage being beyond saving. If this is what’s happening, it’s the time for you to start researching simple divorce in California. Note that these cases do not involve instances of abuse. In case there is violence in your relationship, you should report it and seek both help and divorce immediately.

4 Signs That Your Marriage Is Doomed

  • You can do no right

Arguments happen in any relationship, but when you start criticizing your partner excessively (or he does the same to you), your marriage might be in the brink. You see, love does end in some cases, and seeing even tiniest imperfections in your spouse and concentrating on them is what happens when it does.

The warnings signs of a potentially greater problem to watch out for in this case are the threat of physical or emotional violence. If you feel intimidated and humiliated by your partner, it’s time to go. You should know that abusers often start with criticism to humiliate and bully their victim into developing low self-esteem, which will rob them off an ability to fight back and protect themselves.

  • Your communication is non-existent

No relationship can work without proper communication. Therefore, if you and your spouse are incapable of talking through your relationship issues, those issues might be too much. Note that the lack of communication is an issue in itself. It might be caused by many things, so at this point, counseling is the best solution.

If you are incapable of communicating effectively even with the help of a mediator, you should consider breaking it off or getting more professional help.

  • Your relationship lacks intimacy (and sex)

First of all, please note that intimacy and sex aren’t necessarily the same thing. People are capable of having sex regardless of their emotional connection or lack thereof. Intimacy, on the other hand, requires a deeper connection, affection, and trust.

Therefore, losing intimacy is the first sign of a potentially marriage-breaking problem. Think back on your interactions in the last few months. Do you share any affectionate gestures, like a good morning kiss or cuddling? If not, you should examine your relationship more closely and try the aforementioned communication shtick.

  • Your values are different

People change and so do their values. Therefore, it’s not impossible for you and your partner to become too different as time goes by. Effective communication might help you see these changes coming and show you whether a relationship can be maintained in spite of them.

However, if you start wanting different things from life, and those do not overlap, an amicable divorce might be best.

Please bear in mind that despite the overall decreasing number of divorces, the overall divorce rate in California is still about 10% higher than the national average. Something in this state definitely makes people more reckless about their relationships. Therefore, you should be extra vigilant and consider getting family counseling when you notice the early warning signs. Not all marriages have to be doomed.

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