Tips On How To Care For A New Puppy

Allie New Puppy

First-time parents make all kinds of preparations when they find out they are going to have a child. They designate an entire room for a nursery, buy a pantry full of specially formulated baby food, and stock the drawer with diapers. Well, newborn puppies can be just as vulnerable and helpless as a newborn baby. This is why it is imperative that you take the appropriate measures and steps to ensure that your new puppies are properly looked after. Below, you will learn some amazing information and tips that will help you when it comes to caring for newborn puppies.

First, selecting the perfect puppy is a decision that involves careful thought and consideration, especially when it comes to choosing from the myriad of dog breeds available. Each breed boasts its own unique characteristics, temperament, and needs, making the choice a significant one. It’s important to take into account factors like size, energy level, grooming requirements, and compatibility with your lifestyle. For instance, a family with an active outdoor lifestyle might lean towards a playful and energetic breed and consider choosing a Goldendoodle puppy, while someone with limited space and allergies might opt for a hypoallergenic breed like the Shih Tzu. Ultimately, the process of choosing a puppy should involve research, discussions, and visits to reputable breeders or rescue organizations to ensure that your new furry companion is a perfect fit for your family and lifestyle.

Bringing The Puppy Home

For most people, the first step is bringing the puppy home. This usually involves a car ride home from the shelter or the breeder’s home. First-time puppy owners always stress this situation the most, but it really is not as traumatic for the puppy as you might think. Most individuals think that motion sickness will play a big role in the ride home, but it truly does not. The real concern should be the anxiety of the puppy. Dogs mostly experience anxiety when riding in a car due to the vibrations and sounds from the road. You don’t want your dog’s first trip in the car to be troublesome because every time he or she sees the car, that will revert back to their first experience.

A good way to combat this is to use a specially designed anxiety shirt, which can help calm nervous behavior. You can also offer your new puppy a treat every time he or she hears a noise that might discomfort them.

Combating Separation Anxiety

If you are bringing your puppy home from the shelter or the breeder’s home, it is likely that he or she might suffer from separation anxiety. You wouldn’t leave a newborn baby alone in the home, would you? No, so the same concept should apply to your new puppy. Make sure that you plan your schedule so that you are always with the puppy for at least the first three to four days. Make sure you or someone is with the puppy, especially if you have Golden Retriever Puppies at all times except for when he or she is eating, using the bathroom, or sleeping. You would truly be surprised at how quickly this speeds up the welcoming home process.

Properly Feeding The Puppy

Another major issue that first-time puppy owners stress over is feeding. The people that you got the puppy from should give you some kind of idea as to what brand or style of dog food they have been feeding the puppy. It is a good idea to stick to the same brand throughout the puppy’s life. This will give your puppy some kind of familiarity and ease their nervousness. Just remember that there is a wide range of dog food available in today’s market, and the most expensive ones are usually the best. They usually provide the exact amount of proteins and nutrients that your new puppy needs. If possible, you can use from coupons to save on the cost of the dog food.

Visiting The Vet

One thing that you are going to need to do early on is to get the puppy to the vet for an initial check-up. You want to see what kind of health the puppy is in and make sure that he or she is free of any congenital traits or other medical conditions. It is highly likely that your puppy has already been dewormed or given some kind of vaccination, but the importance of this first examination cannot be overlooked.

Frequent vet visits, with vaccination boosters, will also be a necessity in keeping the animal healthy and happy

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