An Evening with The Fonz, AKA Henry Winkler

An Evening with The Fonz AKA Henry Winkler

I thought when I signed up to hear Henry Winkler speak about his book. That is what I was going to be doing. However, once Henry walked out on stage Thursday night at the McKinnon Center on NC State’s campus, I knew something remarkable would happen. And I wasn’t wrong. From the moment Henry took the stage, I knew that I was supposed to be there and that even though the room was packed, I somehow knew that God meant for me to hear his message.

First, let me start by telling you who Henry Winkler is. He is best known as Fonzie on the hit series Happy Days. This was a huge part of my childhood, and I love that show to this day. In fact during hour trip to Charleston I recently introduced Gracie to the show. But he was so much more than the Fonxz. He is an author, producer, director, actor and more. And even more he was a person who was judged by his parents and spoken to in ways that I could sympathize with for sure. ( well not with my dad for sure.)

As I sat there and listened to how this young boy was talked to and how his parents didn’t believe in him, my heart broke for him- because I knew what it felt like. He also said that his childhood made him decide to become the parent that he wanted not like the parent he had. Hello, it’s me.

An Evening with The Fonz AKA Henry Winkler

As I sat there and listened to his stories, I was enthralled by how much this man has done and how much he is still doing. At 78, he was so kind and so energetic and just a joy. He would often get up out of his chair and start walking around on stage, and he delivered his profound words of wisdom.

During that night I felt a wide range of emotions. I laughed, I cried, I was in awe. I sympathized and I truly felt seen.

An Evening with The Fonz AKA Henry Winkler

As I looked around the room of over 1000 people, I couldn’t help but notice how we were all so different and yet alike. There were all ages, nationalities, and more. But yer we had one common bond we were here to hear the man who is probably the most beloved man in Hollywood talk.

After his talk, we had a chance to get a picture with him. And y’all I was just blown away. He was so nice, asked us our names, and then held our hands as we smiled at the pictures. I am still on cloud nine after this event.

And you know what I almost didn’t buy tickets to it. I almost said nope. But then I decided I was gonna go for it, and I am so glad I did. If you follow me on TikTok, you will see where I posted a video of the event where Henry talks about not putting a period on a negative thought, and y’all, that was how I felt about the event. I almost talked myself out of going, but I am so glad that I didn’t because I think my life will be forever changed by the profound words of Henry Winkler.

An Evening with The Fonz AKA Henry Winkler

Oh yeah, by the way, the whole reason for the event was to promote his new book, so here is a link if you would like to buy it. I promise it will be entertaining.

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  1. That has happened to me, too. Something I came close to avoiding turned out to be a life changing experience.

  2. I remember years ago a developmentally challenged daughter of a friend went to see Henry Winkler. His autograph read: “self respect is joy.”

    That is who he is!!

  3. OMG the FONZ I would have loved to be there and to have been able to take my best friend because Henery Winkler is her role model. She even received the book for Christmas from her husband which I plan to purchase this week. I am so glad you was able to meet and hold his hand which would have been amazing. As for his talk he sounds like he had a childhood like my friend did.

  4. Wonderful post! I grew up with him on Happy Das too. So talented and a real mensch. I hope he comes to speak here sometime. I’d love to meet him. I have his book on hold at the library. Can’t wait to read it.

  5. How exciting to see Henry and also hear about his book. I don’t think the “Fonz” will ever grow up, he may get older but he won’t grow up. LOL

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