Do you dress for your personality?




Do your clothes define you or do you define your clothes? What I mean by the question is do the clothes you wear reflect your personality? If the answer is no than here are a few tips that will help you on your way in achieving a fashion personality. First let me say that I am not the most fashionable person by all means but if I like something I do take the time to try it on before I buy it. That is the first tip on dressing for your personality , try on everything before you buy. I admit that I have been guilty of not doing that and have come home hung the closet and never wore it. If your personality is bold and perky, they try those bold colors on but if a bright pink washes you out then try using it as an accessory instead. That is the second tip, use accessories to make your personality come to life. A cute hair bow, shoes and scarf will go a long way. Take for instance, I have a friend who has to dress up every day in business suits and grown up clothes for lack of a better word, one day she had on this grey pant suit but she paired with a cute pair of bright red pumps and wow that suit worked for her. You see sometimes we let our clothes define who we are but adding a splash of color here and there we can quickly turn the situation around to where the clothes are working for us.

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