Five Fab Friday Smiles

Five Fab Friday Smiles

Gratitude is a powerful emotion that can change your life. Here are five moments that made a huge impact on my life this week. Also known as five things that made me smile Aka Friday Smiles. Wow since it was Mother’s Day this past weekend you know most of my five fab Friday smiles have to revolve around that. So here it goes.

If you asked me to describe my perfect mother’s day I would say a day spent with my girls and my boys. But since we are all spread all over the place I think this was the next best thing. So here is what is encompassing my Five Fab Friday smiles.

Five Fab Friday Smiles

Beach Day, Road Trip, and Mother’s Day

I decided to combine these three into one paragraph, so count these as three of my Friday smiles. Yes, we loaded up the dogs in the truck and went to the beach. Not only because Water calms my soul but for another reason. In North Carolina, you think now would be the perfect time to go to the beach. But not on this particular day, it was cold and windy and the forecast called for rain. But guess what that didn’t let us deter us we headed down there anyway.

I had 2 ideas in mind when I about what I wanted to do for Mother’s Day- one was heading toward Raleigh and go hiking with the dogs meeting my middle daughter and having a picnic. But since she was trying to earn a few extra bucks because she lost income when she was sick, the second plan went into action.

Five Fab Friday Smiles

And that was to go to Wilmington, which is about an hour and a half drive from our house to visit someone special ( figuratively) to me, get burgers from a local burger shop, eat on the beach and let the dogs walk along the beach as well. We don’t know if it was Gigi’s first time at the ocean but it was her first time with us.

After we did our visit, more to come on that later, we drove to Fort Fisher which is about the only place that I found that allowed Dogs on the beach. I had done a little research about where to grab lunch but totally blanked on the name of the place. ( I should have screenshotted it) but I did remember that it was like lime green and turquoise blue in color. I had honestly given up hope and had actually thought we would have to turn around for food when Beach House Burgers came into view. This was exactly the place I had told hubby about. I wish we had taken a picture of the burgers but that’s another paragraph.

Five Friday Smiles

So we grabbed lunch and drove a little further to the beach. It was so windy that we decided to eat in the truck. Have you ever tried to wrangle food while also wrangling a pit bull mix and a Shih Tzu? The reason why there were no pictures of the food. We parked across from Fort Fisher and were able to sit oceanside if you will eating our food. After we ate we drove a little bit further down and let the dogs walk ( on a leash) on the beach. Allie is not a fan but I think Gigi could stay there a while. But since we had a long drive home we decided to leave and let the girls rest on the drive.

Visiting my Sister

Five Fab Friday Smiles

When I said we were figuratively visiting someone special, it was exactly that. The day after mother’s day marked 27 years since my sister and my best friend for life passed away from cancer. So as part of my mother’s day experience, I wanted to go visit her. Normally I cry when I put flowers on her grave thinking about all the things she missed out on- one not knowing my girls. My bond with her was quite different than the bond I have with my other sisters. She got me, she didn’t try to change me or make me do what she wanted she just let me be me. She was so awesome, so I went and put flowers from my mom on her grave and I included a little angel that lights up when it gets dark because she is always a bright light for me.

Fasting for 48 hours

Five Fab Friday Smiles

Yep you heard or should I say read that right, I was supposed to do a 60-hour one but I broke at 48. And honestly folks, I am so proud of myself I had never fasted before so this was a new experience. I realized that one of the reasons I haven’t felt good in the last few months was the amount of junk I have been putting in my body. Was it rough? You bet! Would I do it again? Absolutely!! Why you ask? Because it not only cleared my mind but also cleared out all the crap ( read into that what you want 😉 ) in my system.

In conclusion, it is important to take a step back and appreciate the small moments in life. Whether it is taking a walk in nature, spending time with loved ones, or simply being alive, these moments are what make life worth living. It is up to us to find beauty every day and to be grateful for the simple things. So take a moment today to reflect on what you are grateful for, and let that feeling and those smiles carry you through your day.

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