Frugal Hangover Remedies


AFM Frugal Hangover


New Year’s Eve is a notorious night for partying. Some times people party a little too much and the result is a major hangover. Here are some tips that some of you party people might need to help with those hangovers.

First and foremost hydrate. Drink lots of water and mean take big large gulps of water. If you are not watching your calories juice is better than water but we know that sometimes those calories in juice can be quite high in sugar. Avoid the urge to drink more alcoholic beverages, the hair of the dog might not be the best idea. And try taking some over the counter pain medications.

Next avoid eating anything that is greasy. Greasy food is the best on a stomach that is a little queasy. Try eating egg yolks , clear broth or milk. Avoid eating solid foods until you are feeling better.

Next get moving go for a light walk around the neighborhood. Fresh air sometimes can be just what the doctor ordered. And last which my favorite thing that I don’t need a hangover to do and that is staying in bed. Sometimes a couple of extra hours of sleep will make you feel better.

I hope that these tips will help you battle that hangover. And that you have a blast celebrating New Year’s Eve and I am looking forward to hearing more from you in the new year.



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