The Wild Princess Book Review

How many of us have ever dreamed of being a part of the Royal Family? I know I have. How many hearts were broken when William married Kate last year and are still holding out hope for younger brother Harry. Well this book is for all the admirers of the royal family. The book chronicles the life of her husband Lorne. Princess Louise was the daughter of Queen Victoria. Although this book is about a real character the story that unfolds is one of pure fiction. The book, called The Wild Princess is written by Mary Hart Perry. It is a book about royal life, romance, and history entwined into a wonderfully delightful tale. Here is a brief summary of the book.

To the court and subjects of Queen Victoria, young Princess Louise—later the Duchess of Argyll—was the “Wild One.” Proud and impetu¬ous, she fought the constraints placed on her and her brothers and sisters, dreamed of becoming an artist, and broke with a three-hundred-year-old tradition by marrying outside of the privileged circle of European royals. Some said she wed for love. Others whispered of a scandal covered up by the Crown. It will take a handsome American, recruited by the queen’s elite Secret Service, to discover the truth. But even as Stephen Byrne— code name the Raven—vows to risk his life to protect the royal family from violent Irish radicals, he tempts Louise with a forbidden love that could prove just as dangerous.
In the vein of Philippa Gregory, Mary Hart Perry tells the riveting story of an extraordinary woman—a princess who refused to give up on her dreams, including her right to true love.

This book is amazing read. You learn a little bit of history while being entertained. It is an easy read that any reader of period novels would especially enjoy.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy for the sole purpose of this review. I received no other compensation for this review.

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  1. Thanks, Frugal Mom, for the great review. Vickie, love that this catches your interest. I hope others will also enjoy this different way of venturing into history and romance. Hugs to all, Mary

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