Ways to Make Money From Home

money from home

Looking for ways to stay at home and earn money too well than I found some ways that you can earn while being home with the kids.

  • You can try direct sales. That is to join a company that would require you to sell items to make a commission off of the sales. Here are a few examples of companies like that Thirty -One, Pampered Chef, origami Owl Avon and more. Interested in this type of opportunity just google direct sales opportunities and see what comes up.
  •  You can be a telemarketer. But let’s face not everyone can do that job. Sometimes you have to be pushy and obnoxious and not take no for an answer to make any money.
  • Or you write to earn money. There is a site called taskv, where you can search for online writing jobs. You can also apply for these jobs online as well. I spent some time on this site and I am quite impressed with how well-organized the site is as well as how many job opportunities were available as well. But you don’t have to be a just a writer there are jobs for graphic designers, proofreaders, copywriters, custom service as well as tons more listed on the site. Plus I love that you can work around your own schedule that is a huge plus for me.

These are just three ways that are available for you to earn money from home. Do you know other ways if do share the wealth. ( Sorry for the pun and yea I had to go there. Feeling kind of spunky today.)

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  1. Hi there! Visiting from the Home Matters link party. I’ve read about people making money from home by being a transcriber. Thanks for sharing your tips!

  2. Will be nice to make some money editing or whatever but I do not have the time to take up more stuff…Thanks for sharing! Happy to be co-hosting Home Matters linky party with you!

  3. These are great ideas, Melissa! Thanks so much for being a fantastic host of the #HomeMattersParty – we appreciate you!

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