Salt City Book Review

Salt City is a book written by Robert Fleet , that keeps the readers guessing even until the end. Here is brief synposis of the book.

Syracuse, upstate New York. The “Salt City.” An apartment building on the edge of The Projects – and Anne Malloy dies, thrown out of a sixth floor window, an apparent suicide, while Mark Cornell watches. Mark was there for a purpose, his part-time gig being to snap incriminating photos for a divorce lawyer who happily takes cases over the phone. Watching the apartment was Mark’s assignment.But this assignment has a problem: Mark learns that “Anne Malloy” had died months before, leaving behind a grieving husband. So who is this woman?It’s 1976, before cellphones, internet, and all the easy ways of satisfying curiosities, so Mark Cornell’s search for a name to give the victim makes him a foot soldier slogging personally through the facts. And, as those facts pile up, Mark discovers that he really shouldn’t be playing detective, stumbling across the thin line between commerce and crime.

The readers are left trying to guess who Anne Malloy is even until the end. I was impressed how with how smooth this book was to read. It moved from scene to scene with such ease that the reader is never confused about what is happening and to who. The characters in this book are very likable especially the character of Mark. He is unknowningly thrown into a murder investigation as an in witness when he is hired to catch a cheating “Anne Malloy” with her lover. But he soon finds out there is more to the story.

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Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book for the purpose of my review. No other compensation was provided.

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