Date Day at Persimmons Waterfront Restaurant

Persimmons WaterFront Restaurant

This past week it has been the first time in over a year that all three girls are gone. Mikaela went with my mom to Virginia and Gracie is spending the week with Maddie. So Raul and I actually had the house to ourselves from Wednesday through Saturday. He asked me what I wanted to do, and I told him I wanted to go to the beach and eat seafood at an oceanside restaurant. At first, he wasn’t too keen on the idea because all he could think about was the cost of gas.  And I even mentioned that to my girlfriends when we had our girls night.

So imagine my surprise Friday night when he said okay we can go to the beach and eat. I had wanted to eat at Persimmons a few years back when we made a trip to New Bern, but they were closed for lunch, and it wasn’t time for dinner. And he didn’t want to wait for dinner. So after he said okay we can go, Persimmons quickly came to my mind.

We chatted on the ride to New Bern ( which was about an hour) and for the first time, I didn’t bring anything to work on. No blog posts, nothing to read, I just enjoyed time spent with my hubby.  I will have to say the ride down was a little uneventful except for seeing a black bear in the highway median.

black bear leg

I didn’t see it on the way down.. But on the way back; I tried to grab a picture of it. And all I got was it’s leg. What can I say my husband was going 70 miles an hour down the highway.

Waterfront dining Persimmons

Once we got to Persimmons, we asked for a table with a view. It was extremely windy, and we were very lucky that we were able to grab one of the last tables outside that protected us from the wind on one side. I was glad because I was wearing a dress. ( I don’t wear dresses often but my husband once told me that he loves when I wear a dress so I am making an effort to wear more plus I have some cute summer dresses just like the one below. Oh, by the way, it isn’t a dress but a swimsuit cover up – you would have never known if I hadn’t of told you.)

swimsuit coverup as a dress

So we settled into our dining experience. My husband as always wasn’t too adventurous with what he ordered to drink – Bud Light anyone?

urban riesling

But I decided since I don’t do this often I would try their Urban Riesling [Mosel, Germany]. I am normally a little leery about ordering wines at restaurants but the day was about taking chances and trying new things. I loved it; I had to stop myself from ordering another glass, only because I knew we were going to check out a winery later.

Here is our waitress taking a order at another table.
Here is our waitress taking an order at another table.

Our server was fabulous; we never got around to asking her name, but our ticket said, Mel. (Another sign things were going to be an amazing day.) Raul started telling her about our girls and she wanted to see a picture of them. Of course, we asked her the question which one she thought was the oldest and like everybody else she picked Gracie. 🙂 She was surprised when we told her she was the youngest.

turkey melt

Raul ordered the special of the day which was a turkey melt.

local beer battered fish and chips

And I ordered the Beer Battered Local Fish and Chips. To say the meal was delicious would be an understatement.

Raul eating my lunch Persimmons

My husband who usually doesn’t like fish totally gobbled up some of my fish. I will have to say that the Tabasco Remoulade and the creamy coleslaw that were the sides were yummy.

Persimmons sides

While we were there, we were able to see boats dock right next to the restaurant, and we even watched several people kite surfing.


This was a fabulous restaurant, and I can’t wait to go back and visit it again. This was  a date day I will remember for a while.

Hubby and I

I still haven’t mastered the art of the selfie yet. But here is a picture of us after we left Persimmons. Isn’t the view breathtaking?


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