The Main Attractions of Krabi Province in Thailand

The Main Attractions of Krabi Province in Thailand from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

The Land of Smiles has been enchanting visitors from across the world for generations. The diversity of its 77 provinces offers something for everyone. Culturally, spiritually, ecologically, and geologically, few countries have such extreme heterogeneity. Having such nationwide differentials makes the kingdom an irresistible draw for millions of exploring visitors every year. The age-old idea of a holiday in the sun, lounging on a beach, is long gone. Of course, people will always love a beautiful beach bathed by warming, summer rays, but today’s travelers want a lot more. In demanding a more encompassing holiday experience, visitors to Thailand have focused their attention upon a real Siamese treasure, the province of Krabi. 

On the western side of the country’s Southwestern isthmus, Krabi province is lapped by the warming waters of the Andaman sea. Not only does the province have a myriad of experiences awaiting its visitors, but is also the perfect base for explorers to access many of the country’s most beautiful islands. It is the perfect spot to spend a few days’ islands hopping as part of your Krabi holiday experience.

‘Must Dos’ in Krabi Province

Trekking may not be everyone’s idea of great activity for a holiday, but a gentle walk along the nature trail at Khao Pra-Bang Kram should not be overlooked. A couple of kilometers Eastward from the coast, in Khlong Thom district, Khao Pra-Bang Kram is an area of outstanding natural beauty and diversity. 

Its low lying forest is rich in some of the most amazing flora and fauna that is to be found anywhere in Southeast Asia. Along the trail, visitors are able to see rare plant and animal species, including the Pitta Gurney. Considered extinct until 1986, this pretty, colorful passerine, although listed as an endangered species, can now be seen living and breeding in the forest.

The Emerald Pool and Crystal Pond

The 2 real gems that visitors seek out along the nature trail is the Emerald Pool and the Crystal Pond. Along the trail, the craggy foothills of limestone give way to one of the most amazing, natural visions ever to behold. The Emerald Pool and the nearby Crystal Pool. Both of these are stunning, watery oasis’ of contrasting azure against the lush greenery. The tranquility and peace these gems offer are so overwhelming, you can almost touch it. 

Tiger Cave and the Footprint of Buddha

There are many cave locations to be explored throughout the province. But one complex of caves must be seen. Near to Krabi Town is Wat Tham Sua, meaning ‘Tiger Cave’. Here, eroded into the limestone rock, is a network of caves that are home to the temples monks. One of the caves has, what is thought to be, a tiger’s paw print preserved in the stone.

But it is the footprint of Buddha that sees a constant pilgrimage to the temple. Wishing to see Buddha’s footprint will entail climbing 1,272 limestone steps, not for the faint-hearted. Avoiding the heat of the day and making the climb in the late afternoon is advisable. Being at the summit as the light starts to fall makes for the most stunning vistas, the panoramic views and the sunset are incredible. The same goes for the early risers, make the climb and watch the sunrise, and be sure to take your camera.

Bathe in Krabi’s Hot Springs

Seventy kilometers from Krabi Town, and part of the same nature reserve as the Emerald Pool and Crystal Pond, is Thung Teao Forest Nature Park, home to the Krabi Hot Springs. Funneling up from deep volcanic chambers within the earth, therapeutic waters rich in minerals tumble down smooth volcanic rock formations. Naturally formed baths allow the visitor to bathe in the rejuvenating, hot spring water and then dip into the cooling waters of the stream into which they run. 

Cruising Through the Mangroves

North of Krabi Town, about 40 kilometers, on the road to Phang Nga there are the mangroves of Ao Luk. Here, there is a wonderful journey of relaxing exploration to be had. Take a leisurely boat trip through the verdant mangrove forests, explore the innumerate cave, marvel at the stunning limestone monoliths that tower up from the water’s surface, each capped with lush green flora. 

A little more of an energetic option is to undertaking the mangrove expedition by kayak. The flora and fauna are stunning, and the caves, breathtaking, and the limestone cliffs are almost not of this world. To be reflective of nature or to be marveled by it, a day’s kayaking is an adventure that no visitor forgets. Equipment hire is affordable, as is the service of a guide if required. 

The Best Beach Experience

Although Krabi has so much to offer, a visit to the beach is difficult to resist, and Krabi has some real diamonds. One of the best beach areas in the kingdom is to be found in Krabi, Railay. Just south of Ao Nang, Railay, a small peninsula, can only be accessed by boat and is well worth the trip. 

The beaches are beautiful with soft white sand edged with towering limestone cliffs, they themselves hiding further treasures, like the hidden lagoon. This isolated peninsula, cut off from the rest of Krabi by its cliffs and dense forest, has no cars or busses, in fact, there are no roads, just lazy trails along which to stroll. Railay is a world apart from all that is the norm and the epitome of a tropical paradise. 

Krabi. Stunningly diverse, tranquil, exciting and awe-inspiring, thought-provoking, enlightening, and spiritually moving, nothing is Krabi. No one visits Krabi without having something moved within them, it’s not just the mind and body that experience Krabi, it touches the soul and never leaves. 

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