Fun On A Budget: 5 Family Activities That Won’t Break The Bank

Keeping the family entertained can be a challenge, especially if you are on a budget. Here are some family activities that won’t break the bank.

Kids cost around $14,000 a year – and that’s a low estimate. Keeping them entertained is definitely part of that cost.

Family activities like Disney World can run you thousands of dollars – which not everyone can spend. So what are some fun things you can do with your littles that won’t break the bank?

Read below.

1. Visit an Animal Reserve

There are wild animal reserves all around the country. They’re usually on the outskirts of town, so you may not even know they’re there.

Google your city or even state and “animal reserve” or “wildlife sanctuary”. In Colorado, for example, they have lions, tigers, and bears rescue that’s open to the public.

Taking kids there not only gives you something to do, but you can learn about how to treat and preserve wildlife.

Just make sure you bring sunscreen and snacks and do your research first. Some sanctuaries have resources for guests and others don’t.

2. Have a Neighborhood Car Wash

If you have kids ages three and up – you’ll be surprised how much they love getting their hands soapy and rubbing down cars. It’s a great activity to do on a hot day and you can invite the neighbors to help.

Or you can keep the fun all in your driveway. All you need are some buckets with soapy water and washcloths. Hoses are fun to play with too – though make sure you stick around to turn it on and off so you don’t waste too much water.

Yes – your car may end up a little streaky, but it’s nothing a gas station car wash can’t fix. Or some light buffing with a microfiber cloth.

3. Lemonade Stand

A lot of us tried lemonade stands as kids – but we didn’t think about the most important thing: location. Setting up on a street corner and expecting cars to stop for a cup isn’t a great business model.

But if you have kids who have to tag along to a siblings game, that’s a great place to set up. Just make sure you bring a wagon or something to tote supplies.

4. Go to an Escape Room

This one is for older kids – think 2nd grade, at least. An Escape Room is a cool mental puzzle that’s fun for the whole family and they’re inside – in the air conditioning.

Most of the time it’s around $10-15 dollars a head, which isn’t too bad – given that’s about what a movie ticket costs.

5. Go to The Museum

A lot of museums have free days every month. It may be the first Saturday or something like that.

This way you can skip paying the per-head fee and still get the benefit of the learning environment. Just make sure to show up early in the day – things get crowded later on.

Family Activities on the Cheap

Here’s a secret about parenthood: kids just want you to spend time with them. Time where you’re playing with them and not looking at your phone or doing chores.

They don’t care how much family activities cost – they just want to do them together.Need more ideas on how to bond? Read this guide

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