Sports Your Kids Can Play While Social Distancing

Sports Your Kids Can Play While Social Distancing from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

COVID-19 has thrown a wrench in the athletic pursuits of children around the globe, halting practices and canceling all games or matches for months. However, as restrictions begin to ease up, the potential to get your kid involved in sports is becoming a possibility again—provided that y’all adhere to state and local guidelines. While contact sports such as wrestling, football, and basketball are still out of the question, there are several types of sports that your kiddos can participate in while maintaining a healthy distance. Here are some examples of sports your kids can play while social distancing.


Because golf rarely, if ever, requires players to get within six feet of each other, you can easily adapt it into a safe, socially distanced sport. By staggering tee times, kids can play golf while maintaining a safe distance from one another.

To further reduce the spread of germs as much as possible, kids should use their own equipment rather than renting or sharing with others. In addition, it’s also a good idea for kids to wear gloves when touching or moving flags. When they follow such measures, playing golf can be a safe and enjoyable socially distanced sport.

Cross country

Cross country is another sport that kids can participate in while social distancing. While kids can’t physically race next to one another, they can participate in virtual races.

Several organizations, such as The Virtual Run Challenge and Race at Your Pace, provide opportunities for children to compete in virtual races. To participate, all kids need to do is sign up online, run or walk the race, and submit their results on the organization’s website.


Another sport your kids can play while social distancing is tennis. Singles tennis matches, wherein each player is on opposite sides of the court, provide plenty of safe distance between players.

Because both players are likely to touch the tennis ball at some point, kids should wear gloves to prevent the spread of germs and avoid touching their faces. Another option is to have only one player touch the ball with their hands so that the other only makes contact with it using their racket. When the other player needs to serve, they can use a different, fresh tennis ball.

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