Tips For Moving in a Short Period of Time

If you’re asked to describe your experience when you’re moving from one location to another, for sure, the words “stressful” and “time-consuming” will always be included in your answer. With everything that’s happening during, before, and after the move, it’s easy to defend your answers. You’ll have to sort which valuables to bring or leave, pack all of these accordingly, and arrange everything the moment you arrive. Yep, a move is indeed a stressful and time-consuming chore. But when you’re moving in a short period of time, it’s another experience. The things you’ll be doing during a regular move will have to be done faster. If you’ve packed all of your valuables in two days, you might only have an entire day or whole afternoon to do the same when you’re moving in a short period of time. If you’re not able to adjust to the time constraints, you’ll end up more stressed than usual.

There are many reasons why you’ll have to move in a short period of time. You might be rushing in order to avoid an upcoming storm hitting your current location, or your boss might require you to be in the new location as soon as possible. Regardless of the reason, moving in a short period of time will demand a lot from you but can become easier when you know how. Make use of the tips below so you can move in a short period of time with ease:

Tips For Moving in a Short Period of Time from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

  1. Call professional movers as soon as you find out you’re moving: The moment you find out that you’re moving, immediately call for professional movers. A moving company for your move can provide help in many ways. They can help you pack your valuables, lift heavy boxes, and transport everything to the new location. They can also make sure that your valuables are safe throughout the move. Their services might come at a price, but if you want to move fast, hiring them is the best option you have.
  2. Toss as much as you can: It can be hard, but if you own items that you haven’t used for the last six months, toss them out. If you have clothes which don’t fit or books that are not used anymore, sell them or give them to charity. You don’t want to bring unused as this can only result in more moving expenses and more dust collectors in the new location. If you’re moving into a smaller space, bringing items that you don’t need will only cramp up space.
  3. Gather all the necessary supplies: Your move wouldn’t be complete without packing tapes, boxes, and markers. These supplies are necessary when you’re packing all of your valuables. So the moment you know that you’re moving, head out to the nearest grocery store to get all of these. And don’t be afraid to purchase more than what you actually need. If you end up with extra supplies after you’ve finished packing, you can keep them and use them in your next move. Having more supplies is better than having too little of it – you’ll end up running back and forth to the store to replenish your supplies. This can be inconvenient and time-consuming. If you think you might be missing some supplies, you need to check this out for all your packaging needs. Whether you need a box to pack your snowboard or even bubble wrap to protect anything fragile, you can order anything online these days at the click of a button. 
Tips For Moving in a Short Period of Time from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

  1. Start packing room by room: After preparing your packing supplies and having the time to actually pack, roll up your sleeves and get to work. If you’re living in a big house, you might be overwhelmed with the tasks that you don’t have any idea where to start. To make your life easier, come up with a list of everything you need to accomplish. This can be your guide to know where to start and what should be done next. You can start packing room by room, too – start in your bedroom, then jump to the living area next.
  2. Plan out your wardrobe: When you’re packing, don’t place all of your clothes in boxes. Think of what you’re going to wear on the day of the move and during your first week in the new location. These clothes should be placed separately from your moving boxes. Knowing what you’ll wear on the day of the move can save you time and effort in actually going through all the moving boxes. A week’s worth of clothes should also be handy since you’ll be spending that time rearranging your valuables, not scattering your moving boxes to find a thing to wear.
  3. Take a day off work to pack: The last thing you want to worry about after the move is not finding the valuables you need. You’ll be tossing and turning, thinking where your valuables are. You can save yourself from situations like these (not to mention the hassle) by taking a day off from work just to pack. If you have leave credits, use them days before the move to pack. When you have ample time, you can organize your valuables better and pack them accordingly. If you’re not allowed to take the day off, ask family members or professional movers to help you out. A helping hand – no matter whose hand it is – can go a long way in making your move faster.
  4. Have cash with you: It’s important to have cash with you before and during the move. You need money to pay for all of your packing supplies and tip the professional movers on the day of the move. You also need money to pay for snacks during travel and other emergencies. When you don’t prepare cash ahead of time, you’ll be spending the time to scout for ATMs.

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Moving in a short period of time is no easy feat. You’ll have a long list of to-dos, and compared to a usual move, you’ll have to do everything faster. You’ll need to talk to professional movers, organize all of your items, and pack your valuables within less time. Fortunately, there are tips and tricks that you can do in order to make the move faster and easier – and this article can drive the point home. Use this as your guide, and moving in a short period of time can soon become a breeze for you!

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