The Importance of Building Relationships With Other Bloggers

The Importance of Building Relationships With Other Bloggers from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Guess what, bloggers don’t operate in a vacuum even though sometimes it seems like we do.  We need people that help spread the word about how fabulous you really are.  And in the world of Influencer Marketing which is what blogging has become this is key. So it just makes sense to work with other bloggers.  Here are some reasons why this should be happening.  

1. It’s a Quick Way To Get In Front Of Someone Else’s Audience

You work hard to grow a following and you want to get your content read by a lot of people. Other bloggers work just as hard on the same goal and chances are that even if the two of you are in the same niche, you have somewhat different audiences. If you can build a relationship with a fellow blogger, you can help and encourage each other. 

2. You Can Grow Faster Together

With the support cross promotion brings allows everyone concerned has the opportunity to grow quickly. It isn’t just your readership that will grow. Your lists will grow faster, your social media reach will grow faster, and your search engine rankings may improve as you support and help each other.  And plus doesn’t it feel great when you can help a friend or fellow blogger out. 

3. Readers Want to Read

Think about yourself as a blog reader. When you’re interested in a topic or getting into a new hobby, you want to read and learn as much as you can. Do you read just one blog? Of course not, you read everything you can find. Pointing others to other great blogs and if you have a relationship with those bloggers, they will return the favor.

4. Brainstorm with Each Other

Last but not least, let’s talk about how you can become a better blogger by networking with others along the same path. We all figure out different things that help us in our blogging career. By brainstorming with other bloggers, you can speed up the learning curve and get ahead much faster. Share what you’re learning, what’s working and what isn’t and grow together toward becoming better and more successful bloggers.

It is also important to find an amazing Influencer Marketing Agency to help build not only relationships with brands but to boost your income as well. ( After all, we all need to eat right.) I found an amazing company that not only brings in revenue for my site but makes me feel good about the products I share. All too many times, there are some bloggers that are just out to make money like one of those sideshow carnival vendors who call out from their booths. But ShopHer Media isn’t like that they allow you to pick and choose what companies you would like to work with – because only you know your site and your audience. And there is never any pressure to match your site up with a brand that just doesn’t fit. And I love that because it is important to have integrity. 

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