10 Easy Tips To Maintain a Good Body Posture

10 Easy Tips To Maintain a Good Body Posture from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

We all do it, and I`m guilty of this-slumping over the desk at work, hunching over our phone, slouching on the couch, among other habits that may affect our posture.

Though it`s probably the most comfortable way to sit or walk, we all know how bad it is for our back.

But beyond the pack pain, bad posture can affect our health in a variety of scary ways including restriction of blood flow, poor, sagging spines, and respiration.

But all is not least. Let`s look at 10 easy tips to maintain a good body posture for better health.

1) Be Conscious How You Stand

Many people have the habit of pocketing while standing. Gradually, pocketing leads to your shoulders becoming more hunching, and ultimately slouching. Therefore, to maintain a good posture, it`s crucial that you stand by keeping your hands by the side of the body. Again, you`ll want to stand with the feet shoulder-width apart, and your shoulders back.

2) Don`t Hold your Phone with Your Shoulder

Everyone has held their phone on their shoulder when washing dishes, chopping, cooking, or typing. Regardless of how natural this might feel, holding your phone with the shoulder exerts immense pressure on your neck and shoulders.

Neck pain can be caused by a variety of different things such as injury or strain from accidents or strenuous activity to more chronic issues like arthritis or a herniated disk. These injuries can all affect how the vagus nerve functions because it supplies messages from those body parts to other parts of the body that control moods and emotions. To find out more about this checkout Iron-Neck.

Ideally, to maintain a good posture, you should pick your phone with the shoulders down and your head and neck straight, and not tilted to either side. Though it might feel unnatural, your spine will thank you.

3) Build your Back Muscles

Weakness in our back and shoulder muscles is a primal cause for slouching and hunching. This is why super-fit individuals such as ballet dancers and gymnasts, all seem to have the perfect posture.

To achieve the posture of god, you don`t necessarily have to be Olympic-ready. A few exercises such as stretches and movements that open and lengthen the muscles are sufficient to build your muscles.

4) Uncross your Legs When Working

I understand, crossing your legs while working on your desk makes you feel bossy. However, crossing your legs rolls the pelvis forward, subsequently unstacking the spine and exerting pressure on the lower back. To maintain the correct posture while sitting on a chair, you`re required to place your feet flat on the ground.

5)  Get a Firmer Mattress

It`s a shame that everything that feels good and comfortable is a recipe for disaster. And this goes for your big, soft, and fluffy mattress too. To maintain a better posture, you will need to avoid mattresses that you can sink into for days. Instead, go for a firmer mattress that will offer better support to the body while sleeping.

6) Set your Computer Monitor at Eye Level

Ensure that you position your computer screen directly in front so that you don`t have to twist the body or neck to view and keep your spine straight. Again, place the monitor at eye level, so you don`t have to tilt your head up and down, or tuck your chin into your chest.

7) Move Frequently

It`s easy to get overwhelmed at work. However, our bodies are not designed to stay still for long periods. Instead, train your bodies to engage in frequent movements. Ideally, set a timer after every thirty minutes, and when it goes off, stretch, walk or stand. The movement does not necessarily mean that you have to take an extended walk, but instead, a lap around the workplace, or a few press-ups if you`re at home.

8) Wear Supportive Shoes

If you spend a significant part of your day on your feet or walking, it`s advisable that you look for shoes tailored for comfort and weight support. In addition, you can also look for shoe inserts that are specifically designed for hard surfaces – and Protalus offers some great options.

While they might not be the most aesthetic shoes you can find, the orthotic shoes will provide firm support, and maintain your good body postures. Here, you`ll want to avoid the high heels as they put plenty of stress on the foot and ankle muscles.

9) Consider a Support Material

If you`re positive you have a severe bad posture, you could buy a back support brace such as a belt for the lumbar to readjust your posture back to normality. There`re also high-tech devices that attach to your shirt and buzz when you slouch. Either way, ensure that you invest in devices that will help in correcting and maintaining a full body posture.

10) Eat Healthily

In line with building and strengthening our body muscles, it`s vital that you eat healthy and nutritious food, specifically concentrating on high-calcium foods and Vitamin D.

Conclusion: Can I Correct my Posture?

Absolutely. By following the above tips, it`s easy to maintain your body posture and soon you will find the best posture corrector.

As we`ve mentioned, body posture entails training your body to sit, stand, walk and lie in positions that exert the least pressure on supporting muscles and ligaments.

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