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Recently I have been having trouble sleeping and tons of headaches and like a lot of people I don’t want to spend the time or the money to go the doctor. I found another option I went to the doctor in the comfort of my own home. I went online to Amwell and found a doctor within minutes to help me out. The first thing I noticed about this website, that although it did take a little time to download the video feed, it was by no means as long as it would take at the doctor’s office. I was able to review three doctors that were on call before deciding which one I was going to see. I so love that. 


I originally picked Dr. Sherri DeHaas and was told the wait time would be 10 minutes. So I thought okay but there is an option that you can put your cell phone number in for a text to let you know when the Doctor is available. Can you imagine if your doctor did that? I love that idea so much. So I entered my cell number and went outside to snap a picture for another blog post and I get a text from the Dr’s assistant to head back to my computer. Once I got back to my computer I get this message.

amwell chat

It was basically the practice staff from Amwell telling me the provider was going to be a little longer and if I wanted to move to another doctor. As my time is precious, I decided to go ahead and see another provider. So I was then put through to Dr. Stiles. Although our computer connection was not the greatest we were able to converse through a telephone call as well as through chat online.

dr stiles amwell

As you can see it is like a video conference, I did find that having to use my phone was a little inconvenient as I could not take as many notes as I would like when talking to the doctor. I do love that it did not nearly cost as much as a regular trip to the doctor. At $49 it was a bargain but guess what right now you can get $30 off  a visit making it a $19 visit  using the code LOVEAMWELL30. 

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We discussed a ton of options for my not being able to sleep and she suggested several things I could be doing to help with this problem. As well as some over the counter medicines that will help. I love that they are not allowed to prescribe narcotics making it this a great source for people who might have minor health problems.

So tell me do you think you will use Amwell next time you need to see a doctor?


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