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I have found myself asking this question several times in the last few weeks? And it is not because I have nothing better to do it is because of dress code policy. I was told that leggings are considered underwear although Webster’s Dictionary says that they are protective coverings for the leg. No mention of underwear there.

I am very livid as one of my daughters has a health condition that she cannot wear anything binding around her stomach / waist area. Leggings are the only thing that we have found that doesn’t irritate her condition. So once we found this out we were told that if she had a doctor’s note that she would be allowed to wear leggings. So we went through the trouble of getting a doctor’s note and she still is not allowed to wear leggings to school without wearing a skirt or dress on top of them. This totally defeats the purpose of getting the note to begin with.

I have questioned this policy several times and have gotten leggings are underwear. If they are considered underwear then why aren’t they sold in the underwear department? Let me mention that nowhere in the student dress code policy is leggings specifically mentioned. But in the staff dress code policy underwear and leggings are mentioned but not together.

Let me also say that my child has been embarrassed and called out because of this. Look at the two outfits that she got called out on and tell me if see anything wrong with them.

leggings collage

She has struggled with attendance because of her seizures and so far hasn’t missed a day this year. But there are times when she comes home crying because she is singled out because of what she is wearing. I have seen some of the things some of the other students have worn and they are overlooked. She has felt bullied by this particular staff member over this dress code policy. I will have to say I see why because this particular staff member gets snotty with me as well and even goes as far to questioning what her doctor is doing for her. What to do?

This topic of dress code has come up quite a lot in the last few weeks in my house. We have noticed the double standard with what applies to one student but not to another. At what point do we stress education and attendance over what a child wears? And at what point do we realize that most dress code policies only really affect girls because as one article I just recently read says that the way girls dress affect the way boys learn. I am like really???

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  1. Well. Clearly the dress code policies in North Carolina are very different from those in California. Leggings are an everyday sight on school campuses here, with or without skirting. (Of course you may even find pajamas, and we did have a notice come home regarding the ban of slippers as footwear–LOL).

    Your daughter is perfectly covered, there is no issue of modesty or the lack thereof. As a parent of a child who has also suffered debilitating medical issues, and had to endure standing out at school, I am appalled. I can see the request for a doctor’s note, so the school has something on file in case someone claims favoritism or discrimination, but if they are not going to accept the note, then it is ridiculous to ask for it. Do they have any idea how much time and trouble goes into procuring said doctors note?

    If you have not gone to the principal, I would definitely do so. I would complain about the said teacher who even gives you, the parent, a hard time. If you have done these things, an email to the school board is probably in order. State the facts, try not to be too emotionally charged.

    At some point, the school needs to practice what they teach compassion and understanding.

    Life With Lorelai

  2. Leggings are definitely not underwear. After all, you wear them OVER your underwear. I will never understand the war on leggings. They make jeans just as tight as some pair of leggings.

  3. Could you get the doctor to call the school? Or go to the school board with the doctors note?

  4. Wow, there is nothing wrong with those outfits. I can’t believe that they are giving you guys trouble for them, especially considering you have a doctor’s note.

  5. I wouldn’t consider leggings underwear. I think schools go over the top with some of the rules. This is part of the reason we homeschooled.

  6. Underwear? Sometimes it’s all I can wear due to pain and skin issues. Same goes with my daughter. I think you have gone above and beyond “reason” to adhere to their ridiculous reasoning. Wow I can not believe the lack of compassion.

  7. I live in leggings and yoga pants so I see them only as comfortable. I think she looks adorable in each outfit. I’ve heard this happening a ton it’s quite silly.

  8. Leggings are NOT underwear! Though I wouldn’t simply just wear leggings. I usually wear a big top, skirt, or dress over it. Those outfits are totally cute, nothing wrong with them!

  9. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not trying to defend the Evil Creature from the School Lagoon here – Could they be confusing leggings and tights? I’ve seen a horrible trend lately where some ladies seem to think TIGHTS are pants – Some are sort-of covered with a long tunic, but… In one instance a woman walked into an Olive Garden with her thong – and pretty much everything else – fully showing. That said, your daughter’s outfits are not only extremely cute, but those are clearly leggings, not tights.

    My daughter was also singled out by school staff after opting her out of uniforms. (Every day a teacher was making the rest of the class stand up and bow to her as if she was royalty because she was the only one not in uniform.) We took the issue all the way to the school board just to be told “If you don’t like it, then buy the uniforms” (over $30 for one shirt). They face enough problems with the other kids… They don’t need an adult picking on them, too.

  10. Underwear, really?! I have a pair of leggings on right now underneath a shorter dress I wear. I wouldn’t pass them off as PANTS…but certainly not underwear! I have heard SO many issues about dress code since school started…seems like it’s all getting just a little bit out of hand…

  11. I don’t think anything is wrong with your daughter’s outfits. She is modestly dressed. Personally, I think leggings or yoga pants should be worn with shorts or a skirt over it. A long tunic or blouse would do the same trick, just like what your child was wearing.

  12. Personally I do not let my girls where leggings unless they are under a dress or a very long shirt. I do not like how it looks in the female area without it covered with other clothing.

  13. Underwear? I don’t think so. I didn’t see anything wrong with those outfits. In fact, my kids and I wear similar clothes to those. Some dress code. Your daughter looks decent and comfortable.

  14. I do not think these outfits are wrong at all. I think she should be allowed to wear them, especially since you even went and got a doctor’s note. In my home town, leggings are normal everyday wear. I think lately schools have been absurd with their dress codes, especially since they aren’t the parents in the situation.

  15. Here the girls wear leggings as pants. I would not consider them underwear. They are a popular trend here right now.

  16. Our school has a policy on no leggings too, but they don’t enforce it. My daughter wore them all last year because that’s all she likes to run in for track and nobody called to bring her something else to were. I figure some of those girls get away with jeans that look painted on, leggings aren’t any different. Sorry your daughter is getting picked on. Some rules are just so ridiculous!

  17. I’ve been seeing more and more people with leggings under skirts and tops like that! I really like it!

  18. I don’t think that leggings are underwear but I tend to wear long shirts or sweaters when I wear them. I don’t want to reveal too much when I am out and about.

  19. I honestly think, leggings are not underwear at all, as it is just another outfit you wear to your comfort. Really wonder why they have to trouble you over this despite having a notification from the doctor. Though I don’t wear leggings much, I don’t see any problems with it.

  20. I see absolutely nothing wrong with either outfit. My take on leggings for ANYONE was always that if your bum is covered by a long shirt/skirt/blouse then you’re all good. I also think the way schools are so concerned with how girls dress as it affects boys is utterly ridiculous. Guess what, people – boys will still have hormones raging during their lessons even if all the girls are wearing tarps. It’s biology.

  21. I do like the look of leggings with long tunics/short dresses, I think her outfits are cute and appropriate for normal everyday wear, though I’m not the boss of the school, so I don’t get to say what’s appropriate for school. I don’t consider leggings to be pants, but I also don’t consider them underwear. Something in between? Where I live, school uniforms are required for all students, which could, in some ways be much simpler than a dress code–but I’m glad that I was homeschooled and thus, never had to deal with either a uniform or dress code till I was in the working world. That’s a good way around the system. 🙂

  22. How ridiculous! There’s nothing wrong with either of those outfits or even wearing leggings in general (as far as I can see, as long as they’re not see-through! lol) I can’t believe there is an issue with these outfits at your daughter’s school. I know California is different, but you should’ve seen some of the things the girls I went to school with wore!

  23. This sounds ridiculous. I think both of your daughter’s outfits look absolutely fine. I know my nieces wear legging all the time to school as pants with a long top. I hope they change their mind and focus more on learning than what everyone is wearing.

  24. Hmmm, leggings as underwear? That thought never crossed my mind. Leggings are worn more regularly here than a pair of jeans. I really hope you are able to settle this with your daughter’s school and have them put their energy and attention into the stuff that really matters.

  25. Definitely write a calm note to the principal. Your daughter should not be singled out and bullied by a teacher. If the note to the principal doesn’t solve it, next stop- school board. That is unacceptable behavior on the teacher’s part.
    She looks cute, perfectly fine.
    Here from Home Matters.

  26. So sorry that she’s had to go through this 🙁 Leggings are definitely not underwear. I do think it’s fine to wear as long as there’s a longer shirt or skirt/dress covering everything! That’s just crazy. #HomeMattersParty

  27. Leggings are never considered as underwear. How in the world schools allows those tight fitting jeans, shorts or skirts but not leggings. I totally don’t understand the concept.

    It’s great to be co-hosting #HomeMattersParty with you as host.

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