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Times sure have changed since 1963.  Looking back at how much things cost may not seem like a lot because of our standards of living but if you lived during 1963, I am sure that it was a lot. The first reason is because salaries were so much smaller in 1963 than they are now. Also, the cost of living was a lot less expensive as well. I came across a site the compared the difference between now and 1963 and I was really surprised at some of the differences. A dozen eggs cost $.55 in 1963 now we are lucky if we can find them for $2.00. We had a bunch of chickens for a while so I never had to buy eggs, but since we are down to one chicken, I was shocked at how much eggs were. They used to be a cheap meal but not anymore.

The next thing that shocked me was the price of a loaf of bread. In 1963, a whole loaf cost $.22, today try $2.20. Hamburger was $.28 and now it is $3.99. If the prices at the grocery store were not a shock the cost of a movie would have been, especially if you enjoy going to movies. In 1963, the price was $.85 and now it is $8.05. Yikes, and if you have a family of five like I do, a movie is a special treat, not an every week occurrence.

But the biggest shock to me was the average price of a house. If you bought a house in 1963 you would have probably paid $19,300 or around that area. Now it seems like you cannot buy a house for less than $100,000. In fact, that average price of houses on the market for sale is $152,000. It seems like the cost of living increase is not keeping up with the salaries. I guess that is why more people are checking in other ways to finance their lives and that includes checking into reverse mortgages for their homes.

Check out the infographic here and let me know what you found that was the most shocking to you.


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