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It is no surprise that I loath going to see doctors. First because the wait time is normally so long and I sit there thinking of a million other things that I could be doing while I am waiting and second because the last thing I want to do when I don’t feel well is get up and get dressed to go out. And let’s not even talk about driving during this time.

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I have recently started undertaking a very industrious plan to help not only boost my self-confidence but also to become healthier. Did you know that you can get a doctor’s advice online for nutrition and diet needs as well as psychological. I used Amwell last time when I was having a hard time sleeping after my dad died. But this time I used them to help find some relief from this nagging cough that comes with this bronchitis.

I was really quite impressed with how easy it was to discuss this nagging cough from the comfort of my own home in my sweats. The only thing I had to worry about was making sure that my hair was brushed and not sticking up all over the place. Because lately I have had a bad case of bed head. I scared myself a few times when I saw myself in the mirror. But back to Amwell.


I was impressed with how easy it was to go online and I got to choose which doctor I wanted to see. The wait time was less than 10 minutes. I love that they have an option that you can put in your phone number and that they will call you when the doctor is about ready to see you, so you aren’t chained to the computer. Plus if the doctor is taking longer with a patient they give you the option to wait or choose another doctor.



I was told to keep doing what my regular doctor told me to do but we also discovered that caffeine caused me to cough more. So I only had one Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha last week which was huge for me. I will have to say that I like talking via computer with a doctor and I would choose this option again. This is a great alternative to brick and mortar doctors offices as the wait time is less and so are the fees.

Don’t believe me check out this video.

So tell me do you think you will use this service? Not sure use this coupon code for a free visit, CARENOW18.


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