Summetime is Pool Time

I love summer. Not only because no school and more time with our girls but that means more time to soak up the sun in the pool. The one thing I do not like about Summer are the quick thunderstorms that come quickly. I have spent so much money on pool accessories it is not even funny. The other day we had a bad storm come up and the wind took both of the floats that I use for lounging around in the pool. I love to just sit in the pool, relax and read a good book. So many times that is the only moments of peace that I get in my busy day. I love the quiet afternoons spent in the pool. My girls love all our pool toys as well. The only thing they wish for is that our pool was bigger. That is a wish of mine as well but you can’t have everything. I am just thankful to be able to cool off on those hot Carolina summer days in our pool with a cool drink in one hand an a good book in another. I am contacted by so many publishing companies and authors that reading in the pool is not only relaxation but also work for me as well. I mean seriously who would not want to work poolside or better yet in the water.If you get to hot just take a dip and then back to work. Now that is what pool time is all about. Relax and float is what I say.


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