Yes Ma’am, You Can Be a Work at Home Mom

Yes Ma'am, You Can Be a Work at Home Mom from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Mothers who work from home have a variety of career options. Some of the really dedicated mama’s juggle more than one job at a time. Remote work can range from party planning to freelance writing to career coaching (and beyond!) Deciding to be a work-at-home mom may appeal to you. Yes Ma’am, with these tips you can be a successful mother and businesswoman in no time.

Remote work plus nice clothes equal to one fashionable momma.

working moms yes you can work from home

Prior to starting your daily workload, why not get dressed up in work clothes for women every morning? You will likely enjoy feeling fashionable and confident while running your company from home if you are dressed to impress.

White House Black Market is an e-commerce store that sells a variety of clothing for modern women—and modern women have increasingly decided to work from the comfort of their own homes; even before the COVID-19 outbreak. Makeup, fashionable work clothes, and a comfy workspace will help motivate you throughout the course of your workday.

Don’t forget to get up and out.

Working from home can be the most incredible opportunity. Conversely, it can be the most stressful. Getting fresh air and sunlight has proven to benefit anyone’s health and wellbeing—both mentally and physically. If you need a break from work or your kids are getting antsy, break out the stroller and take a relaxing walk around your town.

Long walks can be troublesome for some children. They may get bored or attempt to wander off. You’ll want to own one of The Best Strollers for Big Kids – Toddler to 100lbs! Stroller Buzz has a collection of umbrella strollers, lightweight strollers, and jogging shoulders for the very active mom. You are sure to find one that suits your needs. Plus, if you have two kiddos, you can opt for the convenience of a double stroller instead of buying two individual ones. One stroller, one price tag, one purpose.

Keep your little ones entertained.

Yes you can work at home mom

Many moms who work from home know that spending some quality time with their children will allow them to work for longer periods of time without interruptions. Children crave attention and affection from you—their mom. After devoting an hour of undistracted time to playing with your little one, you will be more likely to complete the last few hours of your work while your child keeps herself (or himself) busy.

You can even help them stay busy and quiet with a child-friendly TV show, which is especially helpful if you’re stuck in a long video call meeting. By the way, if you haven’t already, this is your sign to upgrade your Internet and TV plan, with a high value and high speed provider, such as Optimum Internet and TV packages. This will serve two important purposes for little ones: more accessible TV programs for their age range, and fast and reliable connection if you wish to sign them up for a kids’ YouTube channel.

Prioritize the essentials.

There isn’t a work-from-home situation that is perfect, but by prioritizing your needs you’re able to make your work life and home life ideal. In order to create your ideal at-home-work environment, remind yourself of the positive benefits that accompany working from home.

It goes without saying, you’ll be afforded more time with your child. You’ll also be able to rid yourself of the traffic and stress that comes with commuting back and forth to a workplace every day. Most importantly, you are in charge of setting up your home office. You’re able to design an appealing, functional, and pleasing workspace that will continue to inspire you. And of course, there are bonus points for saving money on child care services.

Create a work-life balance.

Instead of running around in a frantic or frenzied manner, working from home will level out the balance between your work life and your home life; since they are both occurring in the same general place—your house. You will have more freedom. You can take naps while your child naps if you have enough time. Or maybe your office is next to your kitchen so you can grab some snacks to eat when you’re in the middle of working.

All in all, working from home can be a good thing. So hats off to you, Ma’am; you can find success, freedom, and happiness as you continue your endeavor of being a mother who works at home.

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