Stuffles B. Snippet Reminds Me of Our Beary

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of the book for the sole purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are 100% mine. No other monetary compensation was provided. 


Never have I read a book that mirrored one of the lives of my daughters as this one did. The Diary of Stuffles B. Snippet by Kathie Brown is such a cute book about a friend who is a stuffed animal.



Here is a brief summary of the story.

Millicent Withers is the owner of a teddy bear shop filled with a variety of unusual bears. When her granddaughter, Emily, is in need of a special furry friend to help her through a rough time, Granny Withers orders a soft, cuddly bear named Suzie Snuffles to do just that. But when Emily opens her package, she finds a rather stiff and serious looking bear named Stuffles B. Snippet instead. Slightly disappointed, Emily decided to keep Stuffles after she finds out that this bear, who comes with a red diary and a gold pen, has a very unique talent. She realizes her new friend can help her classmates and first- grade teacher, Miss Frey. The first graders soon discover they have a special friend in Stuffles B. Snippet, who is able to comfort the children with difficult problems.


This story sounds cute right? Long time readers of this blog will know which daughter I am referring to. Gracie has a bear named Beary that she has had since she was five days old. That bear has gone through so much with her. Sadly, about a year or so ago, she decided she didn’t need to carry Beary around with her anymore. She was growing up on me, but not too fast. On a fateful day in January when she had her first seizure, I came home from work after my husband had picked her up from school and I saw her holding in one arm Beary and in the other arm, Allie, our Shih Tzu I knew something was wrong.

It is amazing how stuffed animals can become our trusted confidants and best friends. For the longest time Beary was Gracie’s best friend. We all need to remember that we are never too old for us to cuddle with a teddy.

To say that I loved this book would be an understatement – I adored it. I love how Stuffles affected each and every child in Emily’s class in a different way, being who he needed to be for each of them. Helping them through whatever the situation they may be facing. I highly recommend this book.

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