High School Reunion Freak Out


This past summer I was asked to attend my high school reunion. When I got the invitation I immediately starting planning out my outfit in my head. I then look out my closet and realized what I wanted to wear wasn’t there. So off to the stores I went. I wanted to have the look of sophisticated accomplished wife, mother, business owner, teacher and writer, but instead when I tried on the clothes at the store that I thought would give me that image I was looking for I just became depressed and disappointed. Nothing seemed to fit and I find myself asking where did those rolls come from?? After a lot of soul searching I realized that no outfit will ever make me feel accomplished until I felt it. I then sat down and made a list of all things that I had accomplished in my life among them were my three daughters. Unlike most parents of teenage girls, I know that my girls have the brains to make the right decision and that I do not have to worry about them. That in itself is an accomplishment. Plus I realized that this a lot of networking that goes on during these reunions so it is an opportunity to meet potential clients and fans. Just remember when you get that reunion invite that is not about the clothes instead it is about seeing old friends and enemies and getting to brag about your kids!!!

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