Welcome Back Austin Da Luz

I feel like a kid in the candy store. Why do you ask? Well to start off with let me give you the backstory. Yesterday I was excited about meeting and catching up with one of my dear friends over lunch. Unfortunately, that did not happen. I was very upset and disappointed, by not fault on either part, so I decided to throw myself into my work.  I was able to get some work done and as well as spend some time reading my devotional book before my doctor’s appointment. Not knowing what the doctor would tell me I admit that I was a little nervous when I went in.  But I walked out of his office like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders or should I say shoulder. After months of dealing with the injury from the car accident, I am finally on the mend. I still have to take a prescription for inflammation, go to physical therapy two times a week as well as do physical therapy at home and go back in a month for a recheck. I am finally thinking that the worst is behind me. As if my day couldn’t get any better, I noticed on my twitter feed something that made me think could this really be true. I waited anxiously for the official announcement and then it came this morning, my favorite player from the Carolina Railhawks last season is returning for the rest of the season. I was so excited I took to the web letting everyone know just how excited. I am so happy that he is back.

If you don’t know who I am talking about check out a post he inspired me to write last year. As I have said before I have always been one to be behind the camera living my life through the camera lens but last year before I made the decision to get in front of the camera more, I made one exception to that rule and that was to get my picture taken with Austin Da Luz, aka my favorite player.

railhawks 298

Words cannot express how excited I am to have a player of this magnitude back in a Railhawks uniform. Even when he left to play for Orlando City SC I still followed his career, watching games on the internet and I even was going to see him play when they came to Wilmington if it hadn’t been for that stupid car accident and this long road to recovery. I haven’t done that for any other player. So I wanted to take to the blog to officially welcome him back to Railhawk Nation. I hope that this means because they signed him for the reminder of the season that he will be back in the 2015 season as a fulltime Railhawks. So Welcome Back Austin.

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  1. I’m not familiar with Austin Da Luz, but I sure do like good news. It’s funny how we get good news at the exact right time we need it some days. 🙂

  2. Well Welcome Back To Railhawk Nation Austin Da Luz!!! Sorry you didn’t get to have lunch with your friend.. but it sounds like your day turned out great anyway.

  3. Austin Da Luz sounds like a great guy but I’ve never heard of him until just now. I’m glad you got some great news being on the mend is where I’m at with my health s well. The waiting it out being paitent is part of the healing process or another one of life test to see how far we can be pushed before we snap lol either way I’m glad to hear your good news and enjoyed your picture

  4. I’m not familiar with Austin Da Luz, but I am so glad that you were able to brighten your day. It’s always nice to turn a bad day around. Hope things continue to look up for you. I wish Mr Da Luz luck in his return as well!

  5. He looks like a very sweet – and cute! – guy, and how great that you got to have your picture taken with him!

  6. I am not into sports. Obviously this player has caught your attention and I am glad for you that he is back where you can see him more often! I am also very glad your shoulder is on the mend!

  7. Great news all round! I am not sure who Austin is or even what sport you are speaking about…I’m from Trinidad, so forgive me. 🙂 However, I’m happy that it has brightened your day!

  8. I have a really good friend from Trinidad that plays soccer here in the US. His name is Julius James.

  9. That’s great that he’s back and I’m excited that you’re excited. Sorry you couldn’t meet up with your friend.

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