Remembering My Dad with Lula Roe

After my dad died, I asked my mom if it was possible that I could have some of his old clothes, his ties especially. I ended up with a few bags of his shirts and some of his ties.

dad's marine corps shirt

I often wear his Marine Corps shirt as a jacket in the fall. I mean it is denim, and it goes great with leggings and a t-shirt. And just recently I stepped out of my comfort zone and incorporated one of my dad’s tie with an outfit.

Comfort Zone, Dad and Lula Roe

I also stepped out of my comfort zone when I did this photo shoot with two of my dear friends, Shelley from Once Upon a Dream and Laura. See this picture?

lula roe Carly courthouse steps

I am standing on the steps of the courthouse where my dad worked, standing in front of a memorial for fallen soldiers and officers, wearing one of my dad’s ties. When my friend, Deborah who is a Lula Roe Consultant sent me this mustard color Carly dress, I will admit I went yew.

Lula Roe Carly Dress (1)

Mustard is so not my color. But then when I was going through the bags my eyes fell on this tie, and I knew I had to wear it with this dress. It looked awesome together, almost like they were meant to be.

dad's tie lula roe

Wearing my dad’s tie made me feel as if a little piece of him is still here with me. And it is a gentle reminder to continue to live up the legacy of giving back that he left.

So as I sat on the steps of the courthouse, I can’t help but smile and cry a little when I thought about my dad and all that he did to help the community. He was really a giant in my eyes and I learned after his death he was also a giant in other eyes as well.

I still have a few other projects in the works when it comes to reusing my dad’s shirts and ties, so look for them soon. I can’t wait to share.

So tell me what do you think about the way I used my dad’s ties to accessorize this outfit?

Disclosure: I received a Lula Roe Carly Dress. However, the feelings that welled up inside me is all mine.

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