An Inspiring Read: Dads of Disability

dadsDisclosure: I received a complimentary copy for the sole purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are 100% mine. No other compensation was provided.


I truly believe that God sends little messages to help you with whatever you are struggling with at the time.  When God sent me this little message in the form of a book, I was struggling with Gracie’s unknown illness than finally her diagnose of partial complex epilepsy. I was sent an amazing book to review. A dad of Disability is an amazing and uplifting read. I know what you are thinking, I am not a dad but reading this book you don’t have to be a dad. I found this book very inspiring and uplifting. Just like when our world was rocked by a seizure back in January the dads in this book have had their worlds rocked as well.

Here is a brief summary of the book.

Written by men. And women. And children. About men. The book is about men, but it is for men and women and care circles alike. It will foster many useful but possibly never-before-had discussions between and amongst fathers, mothers, extended families, care circles, and individuals with disabilities themselves. This book contains 41 essays and poems written by all kinds of men and women. They are powerful, but not saccharine. They are moving, but not over emotional. They are honest, and intended to foster discussion between and among family members and care circles who may not have ever truly considered the father’s perspective.

I found these stories to be very uplifting and inspiring knowing that there was someone that felt just like we did when we received Gracie’s diagnosis, it validated our feelings. This book is also a great read and a very easy read as well. Because it is written as essay you can read as much as little as you have time for, knowing that you won’t forget an integral part of the plot. I highly recommend this book as a must read for any parent whether your child has a disability or not.

This book is available now check out Gary Dietz, the author’s website for buy links.


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