Why Establishing Boundaries with Your Children is Crucial When Preserving Your Relationship

Why Establishing Boundaries with Your Children is Crucial When Preserving Your Relationship from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Nearly all parents know the importance of getting away from their children on a regular basis and devoting a few hours to couple time. However, a huge proportion of couples with children admit to putting their relationship on the back burner once the kids come along. Though commonplace, placing little emphasis on your relationship to accommodate your family can result in various problems in the future.

If you have young children, it is important to encourage them to see the importance of Mum and Dad spending time together very early on. That way, when you do attempt to make time for one another your children will respect this time as your special relationship time and hopefully help you protect this time long-term.

Reach Out to Family and Friends in the Early Stages of Parenthood

In those early days, you both may not feel like venturing too far afield when you’ve got very young children, especially when you have a baby. However, that doesn’t mean that the two of you can’t still spend time together and connect as a couple.

If you’ve got friends and family nearby who are willing to babysit for an hour or two, why not look at taking advantage of this and catching a couple of hours together every week? Even if you don’t feel like leaving the house you could still get someone you trust to look after your children at their home, leaving you able to come back for a homemade meal or snuggle up on the sofa with a movie for a few precious hours.

At this stage, you both may feel the urge to just hit the pillow as soon as you’ve got a few childfree hours on the horizon but resist the temptation to do so here, instead of spending some quality time with one another. If tiredness is currently a problem, look at stamina male enhancement pills or something which can address this situation and get you through these first few testing months.

Consider a Parenting Circle in the Kids Primary Years

If you have a group of trusted friends who also have kids, why not consider getting together to organize a babysitting club? One couple can babysit each week, with all couples taking it in turns. This way, you get to drop your kids off at theirs, where they can play with your other friend’s kids, and you get to catch some adult only time together.

This type of babysitting service works on so many levels, even more so if your friendship circle is wide here, as every couple gets a chance to have a night out. However, if you do have a smaller group, the possibility for a sleepover may eventually arise out of such a service, once it’s up and running and fully established with all couples taking part. Thus, meaning you could even have a whole night child free, where you can choose to spend your entire night and early morning exactly how you would have done pre-children!

Encourage the Teenagers of the Family to Take on Further Responsibility

By the time your children reach their teenage years, and you’ve instilled in them how important that relationship time is to a couple, you should be able to leave them to their own devices and take on a regular date night, without having too many inconvenient circumstances to hold you back at this stage.

Furthermore, you will have encouraged your children to see how vital couple time is in any relationship, meaning they too will hopefully take this concept through to their own relationships – and use it wisely!

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