How to Get Stuff Done When You Have Kids

How To Get Stuff DoneWhen You Have Kids

As any mother knows, trying to get stuff done when you have kids can sometimes seem about as feasible as walking across a bed of nails with no shoes on. Whether your little ones are still babes-in-arms or your teenagers need chauffeuring to soccer practices, football practice, or the mall, it can be hard to find the time to sweep the floor; let alone take on an extra work project or parental duty. Getting stuff done when you have kids is tough, but here are a few things to keep in mind to help you through.

Sleep Less

Sleeping less and being more productive rarely go hand-in-hand, yet have you ever noticed how the busiest person can always take on one more task while those who do less seem to find it hard to make the time? If you’re a new mother, then you’re totally permitted to skip this tip, but if you’re used to sleeping less already, then push yourself a little harder and arrange to wake up an hour earlier, at least, a couple of times a week.

Slip on your running shoes with comfortable Pedag insoles and go for a brisk walk or a short jog. The extra effort will give you more energy to face your day’s tasks, and you’ll be able to use your time more productively.

Ask For Help

Make sure that your partner is pulling their weight and talk about the tasks that have to be done. Be open with each other and try to understand the pressures that you’re both under at work and at home. Lean on each other and ask for help watching the kids so that you can go to the store, write a job proposal, or finish a bid.

If you’re a single parent or your partner’s not playing ball, then lean on your parents, brothers, sisters, friends; and if you’re really out on a limb, try outsourcing. There’s a service these days for just about anything, and you can get a lot of stuff done online with a small budget.

Try sites like Upwork or Fancy Hands if you need help with emailing and calling clients, or organizing your agenda; and if you need to hire a housekeeping agency to help out around the home, try getting someone in at least once every two weeks, so you can have a little down time without holding a broom.

Stop Striving for Perfection

We all want everything to be perfect and we never want to give anything less than the best of ourselves, but you know what? Sometimes when you have kids, you just have to accept that things might not be perfect, or at least not your version of perfect. So get the muffins baked for the school fundraiser, and who cares if they don’t look like the ones in the magazine? It’s the thought that counts.

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