A New Way to Think About Weddings

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A New WayTo Think AboutWeddings

My husband has often said and thought that since we have girls he doesn’t have to pay for weddings. And I have always been what? In the American culture, the bride’s family pays for almost everything but in the Mexican culture, the groom’s family does. What a culture shock right?

But don’t worry in the traditions of Mexican culture the groom’s family gets help for all the wedding expenses by enlisting the help of padrinos. (Padrinos are godparents). A couple can have as little as one or as many as 100. It just depends on the couple. Padrinos can be family or friends of the couple who want to help with wedding expenses. They can pay for anything that they want.

The ceremony is also a little different as the bride and groom walk down the aisle together. The service starts outside of the church with the priest praying a blessing over the happy couple. There are no bridesmaids. However, there are several little girls who assist in the ceremony. They pass out Recuerdos (small mementos) of the wedding during the ceremony. My older two daughters were able to do this when their cousin, Monica got married. Talk about a busy vacation – we had a wedding, a baptismal, a quinceanera and a three-year old’s dedication at the church during this time.

Unlike American weddings, there is no need for wedding invites and save the date cards. But unfortunately, for my husband because my girls are part American guess what we will need when the time comes. Yep, you guessed it. But luckily there are places like Wedding Paper Divas that will not only allow us to save on everything that we will need paper wise, but they also offer such incredible and unique designs as well.

So tell me are you surprised about the traditional Mexican Wedding?

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