Questions To Ask Before Choosing An Influencer

Questions To Ask Before Choosing An Influencer from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Social media creates an exciting phenomenon, and one of the more interesting things to come from it are the influencers. They are ordinary people who were made famous from their catchy and creative posts that people tune in for. 

Influencers promote brands and products to their followers to earn cash. Business owners may wonder how to choose the right influencer with questions. Let’s have a look at the right questions to ask.

Does the Influencer Resonate with My Target Market?

You must identify your target customer before you start a campaign. Looking at this will consider more than age demographics or how much someone earns. To pull off a successful influencer campaign, you will need to understand more. Check to see ahead of time that your broader target market will feel drawn to that celebrity. 

Let’s say that your target audience is men over the age of 55. You would want to choose an influencer who appeals to that market. For example, a famous athlete will have a more positive impact than a young pop star on that age demographic. Not aligning the influencer with your message will create zero impact because people won’t feel drawn to someone that they can’t identify with. 

For that reason, you must check to see that the person you choose will resonate. To do that, you might test a target portion of your audience to see if they could identify with that influencer.

Do the Followers of Your Chosen Influencer Have the Same Interests?

Answering the first question will set you up for the second question. You want to look at what your customers discuss and see if the influencer naturally discusses things like this. Think of it as primary interests and what the broad market will like the most. 

For example, if your audience likes fine dining, fancy cuisine, and healthy foods, you wouldn’t hire an overweight influencer who displays none of those qualities. You want the audience to identify with your influencer. 

These overlapping interests will let your influencer connect with the audience in meaningful ways. The meaningful ways translate to better sales.

Check to see if the influencer and your audience speak about the same things. This sets you up for a successful campaign. Savvy social media users with the same interests will give a message that rings true to your audience. An estimated 69.7 percent of US marketers for larger companies with over 100 employees will use influencers for marketing. 

Authenticity wins sales and when customers sense a lack of authenticity, they may look elsewhere. You want a campaign that sticks with your customers.

Does the Influencer Already Use the Brand?

Influencer marketing will hit the hardest when you can pinpoint a true advocate. Someone who already enthusiastically uses your products will show more energy than someone who uses the product simply to get paid. The message will have a stronger impact because it will come off as genuine. Finding someone who already loves the products will truly sell your message. In fact, they will feel excited to sell it and receive cash for it.

Be aware of how not every advocate that you would like to have to sell your products will say yes to it, however. In some cases, they may not want to take money or fill their platform with advertisements. 

Look for influencers who advertise for other companies to avoid this problem. In some cases, you can save money by giving the influencers a commission for the sales made. This can cut down on your upfront costs for what you would have to pay them. At the same time, you may see them get more excited to promote the product because they will know that their level of enthusiasm will influence how much they earn.

These are some of the questions that you might ask before you choose an influencer. It can help you to hire the right one. Some companies think that if they simply hire an influencer to promote their products, they will sell. You want to hire someone who will align with your target audience to maximize your return on investment. 

Look at what you hope to accomplish from hiring the influencer and tell them about your goals. You should also understand your budget and set firm goals with how much you’d like to make back on it.

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