Three Prevalent Digital Marketing Trends to Know Today

Three Prevalent Digital Marketing Trends to Know Today from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

The most successful companies leverage digital marketing. This, plus the technological advancements made every day, could explain why the technique continues to develop and become more popular as days go by. As ambitious business owners, we are taking advantage of that to grow our companies, keep our clients happy and pull ahead of our competitors.

And before you read on, let’s not forget the most important digital marketing tool, SEO and 2023 Marketing Trends.

White Label SEO services provide businesses with a customized website and all the necessary online marketing services. These websites are created to look like the client’s own site, but they are designed to rank in search engines for specific keywords.

The term “white label” is used when a company licenses its name or trademark from another company in order to create an exclusive product. In this case, the business pays an outside business to do all of its digital marketing for them. There are many white-label agencies that specialize in digital marketing and SEO services.

These companies often have a team of experts who can design a website, optimize it for search engines, create content for it, handle social media accounts, and more. There are a variety of companies that offer these great services, such as Venio Online marketing.

To get the most out of digital marketing, we must keep up with the popular trends in the industry today. These include the following.

1. The Reign of the Chatbot

The chatbot takeover is finally here! According to Acquire, about 1.4 billion individuals worldwide are using chatbots, and that number increases daily. Most e-commerce stores already know the benefits that come with these “conversational agents” whose capability to mimic human conversation is impeccable.

We like this software because it provides unmatched customer service, and we don’t have to stick around to monitor customer interactions. Besides, chatbots work day and night and help us save money since we don’t need to employ customer service agents. They handle the needs of our customers and help us guarantee client satisfaction.

Today, we use chatbots to do many things, such as schedule meetings, order products and services online, send money, offer customer support, find restaurants, and track flights. Their use is bound to become more prevalent in the future.

2. Increased Video Marketing

Video marketing is among the most widespread digital marketing trends today. Information from Hubspot revealed that 81% of companies worldwide are using video content as part of their marketing strategies in 2021. It is an increase from 63% in 2020.

When creating marketing videos for our businesses, we consider several forms. These include tutorials, ads, presentations, vlogs, product videos, customer testimonials, and live videos. We utilize popular platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram to take our video marketing up a notch and reach our consumer base. Sites like aslproductions.com can also be used to craft unique content which can be shared on social platforms, websites, and even blogs. 

But why are we so fond of video marketing nowadays? Its versatility allows us to create the most engaging content for our clients. Video content is effortless to comprehend and share, not to mention it improves our search engine optimization (SEO) ranking.

3. Influencer Marketing Is the New Norm

Influencer marketing is something we can’t get enough of. In this specific type of digital marketing, we rely on product mentions and endorsements from influencers (individuals with the power to change our potential clients’ buying decisions). We use these people to enhance our brand awareness and message, eventually increasing our pool of clients.

There’s little doubt that influencer marketing works. In 2019, the Influencer Marketing Hub collaborated with NeoReach and Viral Nation to survey the effectiveness of influencer marketing. The results showed that organizations get $5.20 for each $1 they spend on the digital marketing technique. This has driven companies all over the world to boost their influencer marketing budget every year.

To benefit maximally from influencer marketing, we must be strategic. Some handy tips to use are:

  • Define our business goals
  • Identify our target audience
  • Research the best influencers to work with
  • Show support for our influencers via social media
  • Appreciate our influencers by compensating them well
  • Join hands with our influencers to build highly targeted campaigns
  • Focus on creating quality content
  • Track and analyze the results of our campaigns
  • Build lasting working relationships with our influencers

These three are among the most popular and beneficial digital marketing trends today. When choosing the best tactic to expand our businesses, we must consider factors such as our organization’s nature and the clients we want to reach. At the same time, we must be ready to spend money. Every marketing technique requires a budget, and it could vary depending on the tools or resources we need to make it work.  When executing our digital marketing plans, it is also crucial to select a driven, goal-oriented team to work with. It’s the best way to guarantee positive results.

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