How to Choose the Best Free Website Builders

How to Choose the Best Free Website Builders from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Owing to their huge popularity as a blogging tool, WordPress and Blogspot are generally considered as the best free website builders. However, they are not the only choices available to you, or, for that matter, to anyone else. There are various other online tools in the market that can be used for optimum benefits and can easily fit into your personal, professional or official needs.

It’s a digital age where anyone and everyone is just a mouse click away from information. Most people are seen active on Social Networking platforms and many choose online portals for buying things. As a result, plenty of service providers and entrepreneurs are showing interest in building websites so that their products and services are demonstrated well to the consumers.

But due to budget constraints faced in hiring a web designer, some simply walk away from their plans. So does this mean they have to entirely give up on their dreams of building a website? No. Thankfully, a number of free website builders are available. Let us discuss some broad guidelines for you to choose the best free website builder for your website. 

There are many website builders available online. These can be used to build websites without the help of designers or the need for understanding coding languages. Such sites which can benefit you also like others in reaching goals include – Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, Shopify, Hibu, Jimdo, Site123, Volusion  Webnode, etc.

Most of these sites help you launch your website in three simple steps. First, you choose an ideal design for your new website. Second, you add the required content on the site. And finally, you publish your website.

Before you get going with any of the recognized website builders, make sure to check certain things. For instance, you need to see if the website builder of your choice is offering just a trial version or a free package for use. If it’s a trial version, then you should probably think of picking some other website builder because trial versions are very short-lived. Generally, a good website builder gives you a choice of launching 3 pages long website with about 2 MB of data storage capacity for free.

To be doubly sure, you can cross-check with reviews about the website builder. Gain insight into the quality of product or service being provided by the company. Read users’ reviews and comments well. If you are satisfied with the review, check for the availability of tutorials or user’s guide on the website. With the help of these, you can launch your website without any hassle.

Another important point you need to remember is that many website builders allow creating sites in Flash. But search engines or mobile gadgets like the iPhone and iPad cannot read such type of sites. For them, a website needs to be supported with HTML/CSS files. So while creating your website, you need to check if the website builder is offering you HTML/CSS or SEO friendly solution.

Check all the services of the website builder minutely.  See if you can move texts or images easily anywhere on your website. Whether simple settings are available or not so that a task can be done in a few clicks, taking less time. If drag and drop options are available, the task becomes far easier.

To sum it up, a good quality website builder adds value to its customer experience by offering outstanding design templates, easy-to-use features, file manager, attractive drop-down menus and smooth image transitions. And if your website builder has it all, you are no doubt just a few steps away from launching a successful website online.

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