I am in Love with my new header

At the beginning of the year, I wrote a post about it being a new year, talking about the changes that I had made to start the new year off right. However, one of those changes, the header, took a little longer than both my friend Sarah from The Hot Mess Kitchen and I had thought it would take. You see Sarah, and I met last year at the Carolina Blogging Conference, and she has been my go-to person whenever I have any design or website questions.

We have been working together a while to try to get my new header designed and installed. For the longest time, I have had this one and loved it, but I felt it was time for a change.

My Old Header

Afm Old Header

But with the new year, I felt that this didn’t exactly fit the image that I wanted to portray. So I decided to change it. When I first started the blog, my vision was Frugal Mom being a superhero of sorts. So with that in mind, I decided to see what Sarah could design for me. I knew I wanted a super mom image and of course, Allie to be front in center, because she does bark her opinion on the blog every once in a while. So this was our first attempt at the header.

A Work in Progress Header


Cute right? But somehow the supermom hero image turned out to be harder than we thought. Getting the coloring and exact eye color was hard. Then one day I had a thought why not make the supermom image a soccer mom because let’s face it that is so me. So I went about finding an image on Etsy to buy. I found this one.


I sent Sarah the design and asked her how hard it would be to take the baby bottle out of her hand. Because I didn’t want anything to do with that one!  My baby days are so over, and I am in no hurry to become a grandma.  She said it wouldn’t be that hard but to see if the designer would do it for me. Long story short, Sarah ended up taking the bottle out of the hand, and  I had thought of putting a wand in her hand, but then it came to me why not a cell phone. Because let’s face I am always on it posting to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter when I am on the go. I also got her to add glasses and my famous purple streak in the hair. The finished product was one that I am totally in love with and I have to say is so me!!! See for yourself.

My New Header

AFM - final resize

So tell me what do you think of my new header? Sometimes change is a good thing. To read more about the changes I have made check out New Outlook, and I am still looking for contributors.



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