Fun Ideas for Fall Get-Togethers at Home

Fun Ideas for Fall Get-Togethers at Home

As the cooler weather blows in, it’s time to keep a list of fun ideas for fall get-togethers at home. Make a guest list and keep plenty of disposable dishware and laughter on hand. Fall is the time to make s’mores, apple pie, and memories. Let’s get started, so you can get planning.

Host a Bourbon Tasting

Bourbon is the hottest trend for tastings. There are even whiskey bars, which offer whiskey flights and huge menus for bourbon only. If you feel a little lost, bourbon is whiskey (don’t worry—it’s a long story).

Impress your bourbon-loving friends by creating flights for them to enjoy. There are many types of bourbon whiskey, so try a variety to keep everyone interested. Use my list to help you figure out what to supply for your get-together:

  • Fun friends and some designated drivers
  • About three different bottles of bourbon
  • Proper glassware for bourbon
  • Snacks to cleanse the palate in between tastings

Keep the bottles out so that everyone knows what they’re tasting and have fun discussing the notes and favorite choices.

Enjoy a Fall-Themed Potluck

Remember potlucks? Resurrect the idea with an autumn-themed potluck at home. Assign dishes when you send out an invite or ask everyone to wing it. Here are a few yummy ideas:

  • Everyone brings a pot of chili, and then you all vote on the favorite
  • For a pumpkin theme, assign each friend a pumpkin recipe, such as pumpkin soup, pumpkin pie, or pumpkin bread
  • Have everyone bring their favorite Thanksgiving side dishes; even if it’s early fall, y’all can enjoy some yummy holiday dishes

Light Up the Night

Don’t put away the patio furniture just yet. We need to enjoy the outdoors as long as we can, and fall is the perfect time to appreciate nature. Throw an outdoor evening party and tell everyone to bundle up.

Hang some pretty string lights around the deck and invest in a portable heater to keep nighttime fun going well into the cooler months.

Fire up the grill and keep it simple with burgers and dogs. Then make everyone smile with all the fixings for s’mores. Fall is the perfect time to use your fire pit to gather around and roast marshmallows.

Throw a Football Party

It’s fall, and that means football season. If you aren’t a fan, you know what they say: If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. We can all enjoy football when food and friends are involved. Turn on the big screen, have everyone bring a snack, and enjoy a fall day together.

Get Spooky With a Halloween Party

Get more use out of those costumes with a Halloween party. Make it just for the grown-ups or include families. And, yes, dressing up is a must.

Halloween parties are a blast to prepare for. Here are some ideas:

  • Purple and orange string lights all over the house
  • Dishes of candy
  • A cauldron full of soup
  • Spooky music in the background

That’s enough to get everyone talking and laughing. And that’s what a hangout is all about.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my fun ideas for fall get-togethers at home. Embrace fall and all it has to offer: crisp air, great food, and fabulous friends.

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