Tips for Travelling with Your Pet this Holiday Season

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With this being the peak season for travel whether it is for business or pleasure there are always the questions what do  you do with your pets? Our little Allie normally goes to her Nana’s house ( my mom) but there are times that we have thought about bringing her with us. I have done quite a bit of research on this topic and this is what I have found.

First choose a pet friendly airline if you are planning on flying. Driving by far is the cheapest way to travel with a pet but sometimes that is not an option especially if you are planning on flying across the country or even to another country. Find an airline with reasonable pet fares and check and see if your pet can earn you  frequent flier points when they travel with you.

If you are driving check to see which motels, inns, and hotels accept pets. Go online and do a little research to see which hotel is pet friendly.

Also you definitely want to prep for emergencies visit a vet a few days before to make sure your  is ready for travelling. Make sure to obtain an health certificate and immunization record for your pet, most airlines will require it.

These are just a few tips to consider when travelling with pets.

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  1. I know it can be difficult to travel with pet. I have experience to travel with my pet and we often plan to go for vacations about once in six months. I am glad to have these helpful tips and as I am again going for vacation this month with my pet and I am planning to go by airline. Thank you so much for providing these helpful tips.

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