Please No Shots for Me


AFM NO Shots


I am seriously considering placing an ad in our local paper for someone that will take shots for me, if that position won’t fly then I can offer the position of being a catcher as in catching me when I go down. Shots aka needles and I don’t get along at all. You think having three kids I would be an old pro at this but unfortunately I am not.

Just a couple of months ago, I passed out when my youngest was having an MRI. The tech had to start an IV to get the dye injected so that they can see her brain clearer. I was starting to get a little woozy when I smelled the alcohol they use to swab her skin, I thought oh no please don’t let me go down. I was fine until the tech blew her vein and she had to switch to her other arm. At that point I had to sit down, still trying to console Gracie, because she hates needles as much as I do. But before too long I found myself on the floor. The tech ended up having to take me out of the room while they finished the MRI. I felt like such a bad mom at that point. I mean what mom passes out when their child is getting a test run. I was put on a gurney out in the hallway and then I waited patiently for my baby to get down. Looking back now we both laugh, but at the time I felt like the worse mom in the world.

Fast forward to Monday, I had an appointment with my orthopedic doctor to get the results of the MRI I had the week before because since the car accident in April my left arm and shoulder has not been right. I don’t think there has been a day since the accident that I have not felt pain. Well my doctor told me that I had a partial tear in my rotator cuff. He wants to treat the tear with a shot and physical therapy and then if that doesn’t work I may be looking at surgery. So now you know what is coming next the shot. He asked me how I was with needles. I just gave him a look. Well he came in with the shot and off we went. My husband was with me and he held my hand while I was given the shot. I felt a little sting but I was okay then came that sensation of feeling a little woozy. I asked the nurse if I could lie down on the table. She said sure. So I laid there for a couple of minutes, I thought I was fine but as we were checking out and making my next appointment, I started feeling woozy and sick. I left my husband to finish checking out and went to sit down in the little area near the checkout desk. Once he finished I told him I needed to lay down and that point I was breaking out in full blown sweat mode. We went back into the room and my husband went to get a cold paper towel for the back of my neck. I think it was another five minutes before I finally felt well enough to get up and go. The thing that got me was that my husband told me that I could control the way my body reacted to it. I don’t know about that. I have always been like that. I remember when I was in college I had to get a TB test and I ended up passing out in the car on the way home. So now you know my experiences with shots aka needles. Tell me yours.

Plus if anybody wants to respond to the jobs I mentioned in the first paragraph, I would be happy for you  to take my shots for me.


No shots for me…… Until Next Time

Melissa AKA Frugal Mom

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  1. Shots don’t get me, but my daughter cut her finger once & I rinsed it but couldn’t get it to stop bleeding after. I then felt the bathroom whirl, and had to abandon ship for a couple minutes. I figured I wouldn’t be of any use at all passed out. Luckily, during my flake out the wound pretty much stopped bleeding on it’s own.

    … so i totally “get” that bad mommy feeling 🙁

  2. My oldest daughter is the same. She falls apart even at the mention of shots and needles. I’ll take them for both of you!

  3. My son has passed out with shots on many occasions (allergy shots, novacaine at the dentist, etc) It’s scary to watch but a very normal thing.

  4. At first when I read this title I thought you meant shots as in alcoholic shots, but actually, it sounds like you could REALLY use one of those before you get an actual shot! Poor thing, huge hugs, please don’t feel like a bad mom because you fainted! I’m actually surprised that none of your doctors have prescribed a sedative before you get an injection, as I know that is common for individuals with a needle phobia, but of course I’m no doctor. I don’t like getting injections – I don’t think anyone does – but I’m lucky not to have a phobia of it, especially since I apparently have “Hard to find” veins, or at least that’s what a doctor told me when she had to stab my arm multiple times before she could draw blood for a test. Ugh! Hugs to you and hang in there!!

  5. Poor you! I give shots all day so it does not bother me but I see how it could!

  6. I love your take on my title. I never would have thought of it that way. In that case I would love more shots.

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