How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Favors

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Favors

When planning your wedding reception, one of the most important things to consider is wedding favors. Wedding favors are something that can be taken home and enjoyed by the guests and choosing well is key to picking wedding favors that aren’t going to be forgotten about. The good news is that there is a lot of flexibility and no one-size-fits-all for every wedding. There is going to be a lot depending on the theme and type of wedding you are having, your preferences, your guests, and your budget. Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to choosing the perfect wedding favors that your guests are going to enjoy. 

What are Wedding Favors For?

Traditionally, the giving of wedding favors began as a way to wish your guests happiness and health. But today, wedding favors can be given for all sorts of reasons. Many couples give wedding favors that can be used as icebreakers when guests arrive at the wedding reception and find their seats, especially if you have a seating plan that means people who don’t know each other are going to be seated together. Competition-style wedding favors like scratch cards can be popular wedding favors that will definitely get guests who don’t know each other very well talking, or you could come up with games and quizzes to help break the ice around a table and get guests talking to one another. You can also use wedding favors to support your favorite charities or give practical gifts to guests, like flip-flops to put on after hours of dancing. 

Consider the Type of Wedding Favors You Want

While there is often a lot of room for traditions at weddings, you don’t have to go with old customs and traditions unless you like them. Think about what you want your wedding favors to do to start narrowing down your choices when it comes to what you are going to give. For example, if you want your wedding favors to be fun and entertaining, then a quiz or game for each table might be a good idea – this will keep them busy and pass some time during quieter moments. Or, if you want the favors to go with your wedding breakfast meal, then after-dinner sweet jars or other food gifts, such as a chilli oil gift set, might be a good idea.

Presenting Your Perfect Wedding Favors

Once you have narrowed down your options for the type of wedding favors that you want to choose, the next step is figuring out how you are going to present them to your guests. Food wedding favors are probably going to be packaged in a bottle or jar or get paper bags that match the theme of your wedding if you are doing a pick and mix sweet table for guests to choose what they want from. 

Other types of wedding favors often offer more flexibility, and there are lots of great ideas to consider when choosing how to package them, including gift bags or boxes decorated with your theme colors, a monogram to match your invitations and Wedding Guest Books, and even a ‘just married’ ribbon.

You might want to consider making your own wedding favors; if this is the case then consider how much time you will need to make the packaging yourself, as it’ll be much less stressful and more fun if you have plenty of time to get it all finished. Check out Greenvelope for some wedding favor ideas that you might like. Along with wedding favor ideas for every type of wedding theme and style, you can also find wedding invitation ideas and more from Greenvelope. 

Consider Wedding Favors That Serve a Purpose

While it is important for your wedding favors to be coordinated with your theme and look nice, if you want them to be taken away and made use of at the end of the day, then they need to do more than simply look nice. It’s a good idea to think about wedding favors that you can give that aren’t just purely decorative and actually serve a purpose that your guests might find useful. 

Foodie treats are a popular choice for wedding favors as they are actually something that your guests can take home and use, or you might want to consider small favors that your guests can use in their homes like scent bags for drawers and wardrobes. Lottery tickets are also a great choice. Imagine if one of your wedding favors turned out to be a big win! 

There are other creative ideas that you can come up with for wedding favors that serve a purpose rather than purely being nice to look at. For example, you might want to have a raffle after the speeches for one lucky guest to win something big, or if there’s going to be a lot of dancing or your wedding is hosted outdoors, practical favors like flip flops or blankets are something your guests are going to appreciate. 

Know Your Budget

Most couples don’t want to spend a huge amount on wedding favors as, after all, when you are planning a wedding, there is a lot to budget for, including the wedding dress, catering, flowers, wedding venue, and more. While a few dollars on a wedding favor might not sound like a lot, when you multiply that by over a hundred guests, it can end up being a lot of money for something that is ultimately not a huge part of your wedding day. Because of this, don’t feel bad if you decide to skip wedding favors altogether, make them yourself, or just go with a cheap idea like leaving a table filled with sweets and some paper bags for guests to fill. Before choosing your wedding favors, it’s important to have a solid idea in mind when it comes to how much you want to spend and decide if it’s even going to be worth spending on them at all. 

Ultimately, the perfect wedding favors that you choose are down to you, and there’s no obligation to have them either. With lots of different ideas to choose from, the main things to consider are your budget and the purpose you want your perfect wedding favors to serve.

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