Dreaming of A Tiny House Office

Dreaming of a Tiny House Office

I have become obsessed with the shows Tiny House Living and Tiny House Nation. I love to see how creative the designers are getting the maximum storage space needed.  What is a Tiny House you ask?  A tiny house is between 100 and 400 square feet. Tiny houses come in all shapes, sizes, and forms, but they enable simpler living in a smaller, more efficient space.

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That got me thinking why couldn’t one of these tiny houses work for a home office. I want one to use for my dream office. I started searching through Pinterest for designs that my husband can build for me. I have just the spot picked out for it as well. It would be close to our outside dog Tutu but far enough away from the house that I can write in peace. Just check out my current designs on my Pinterest board. 

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Shutting the Door on the World

I love the idea of shutting the door on work and not letting it invade our family life. Sometimes as a blogger I just don’t know when to become unplugged. So this would be a great way to do that. Plus it would be something of my own. Not shared with anyone and people would only be allowed in only if invited.

color palette

I even have a color palate picked out for it as well. Turquoise, yellow and gray. Those are my go to colors lately. Of course I would need plenty of shelves to store all the items that I review as well my notebooks that contain all of my writing ideas as well as  notes that I take from books that I am reading. It would be awesome to have  a little reading nook so that I would be able to read in quiet and that would be a great place to start my morning devotions.

front porch Must haves

I would also love a cute little front porch where I can sit when it is nice outside and being able to soak up that Vitamin D. And of course no office is complete without  electricity and a mini refrigerator


The most important thing is that I need to feel comfortable in my workspace. If I am not comfortable than I won’t work there.  Now how would I furnish this dream workspace. Of course I would have some fabulous pillows, an awesome chandelier and really cool accessories.

So tell me what is your dream workspace?

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  1. A cluttered free desk space with a place for my coffee and also it has to be organized so I can function distraction free.

  2. Right now my home office is my couch, so I would love a room where I could go and work quietly. I would actually just be happy with the desk to keep all my paperwork on 🙂

  3. That really is a brilliant idea, Melissa! You could also convert a shed into an office (I had a friend who did that) if you want to, too, and that works along the same lines! Hmmm…you’ve got my wheels turning now!

  4. A tiny house would make a great home office. My aunt actually has something similar in her backyard and has for years.

  5. I do have an office space where I blog and craft from, so I am happy to have it. I’m a bit claustrophobic, so whenever I watch those tiny house shows I always wonder how they make it work? I am amazed!

  6. I’ve never watched that show before. Going to go check it out! I’m currently in the process of fixing out one of our spare bedroom into my office space. So exciting!

  7. I would love a tiny, but pretty workspace. Right now my home office is in my living room.

  8. For me I would love to have a tiny office to blog from instead of my laptop balancing on my lap on the living room couch and the kids distracting me! It is a dream though because we do not have room in our home for an office, maybe someday…..

  9. I am just loving this beautiful idea. My dream work-space would be something surrounded by nature & a location that is quiet peaceful to make sure you have smooth & relaxing progress almost every day.

  10. Actually I do have my dream work space and it is in my basement. However, it would be dreamier if my little one would leave it alone.

  11. I really need a work space a bit farther from the refrigerator. Sounds wrong for a food blogger, I know.

    Here’s to another great week on the #HomeMattersParty

  12. I know that those houses would be too small for me to live in…but, and office? That’s a GREAT idea!! #HomeMattersParty

  13. My dream workspace is a room filled floor to ceiling with my favorite books and a door that closes from the world. This whole home as a work space sound great too!

  14. I have often dreamed of a writing bungalow–similar to your tiny house home office. Someplace cozy and comfy where I can let my imagination soar. Thanks for sharing your dream at the #HomeMattersParty 🙂

    Life With Lorleai

  15. It would be awesome to have a workspace like a tiny house office! Thanks for sharing! #HomeMattersParty

  16. It would be awesome to have an workspace like a tiny house office! Thanks for sharing! #HomeMattersParty

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