The Perfect Soccer Mom Snack Kit

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Man, where has the time gone? Just last week Mikaela graduated from high school, and now when I think finally things will start to slow down, they aren’t. Right now I am writing this post on the go; I know what can I say I am a multi-tasker. And it doesn’t look like it is getting any slower. Mikaela made the traveling soccer team and soon we will be up to our ears in games. And because eating on the go isn’t always the healthiest option or the most economical I have had to look for creative ways to eat on the go. I came up with a soccer mom cooler on the go. Because if you live in the hot state of North Carolina, you need a cooler to keep everything from melting. And believe me, it will melt quick if I didn’t have the cooler. Plus, the cooler is easy to restock after every game and we can use it in our traveling as well.

These are the items that you will need to make your travel cooler, aka the soccer mom cooler.

ZonePerfect Materials

*A portable cooler (I used a Styrofoam one that I received a while back)

* a stencil of what you want to paint on your cooler (I of course used a soccer ball)

* paints, paint brushes and permanent markers (Why permanent markers, continue on reading, they are my secret weapon for everything 😉 )

* freezer ice packs

* snacks



Now that you have all of these items together you can get started.

half of soccer mom cooler done

First prep the outside of your cooler making sure that it is clean. Next with your stencil or you can free hand trace or draw your stencil on the side of the cooler. I decided instead of the regular black and white I would use the colors orange and white because not only are they the colors of the travel ball team but also the colors of my beloved Railhawks. See there I go multi-tasking again.

Soccer Mom Snack Kit
I tried to make it look like a number 9 LOL.

(Sh! If you promise not to tell, I will share a secret with you; I am not a great artist when it comes to painting details, so I cheat a little – can you say Permanent marker? All the frames in my hallway were brown until I took a permanent marker to them LOL)

ZonePerfect Location

Now that I have the cooler decorated, I had to think about what to put in it; I wanted something that was a healthy snack option. Sometimes that isn’t easy to find, but when I was on the Sports Nutrition aisle of my local Walmart picking up first aid supplies, my eyes landed on the ZonePerfect® Nutrition Bars and realized that this was the perfect snack to pack. Because let’s face it after back to back games, sometimes that you just need to snack and rally between them.

ZonePerfect Soccer Mom Cooler

I love that ZonePerfect® comes in a variety of flavors. So there is something for everyone in the family. My absolute favorite is Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. But the other flavors like Chocolate Peanut Butter, Fudge Graham, and Cinnamon Roll are just as tasty. I also love that they are an awesome source of fiber. They are an excellent way to satisfy our cravings and a huge plus for me was that they were developed by a nutrition company. And they taste great did I forget to mention that? I also love that right now at Walmart when you buy two boxes of ZonePerfect you can save up to $4. How cool is that? Want to know how just click here to find out more information.

Inside ZonePerfect Soccer Mom Cooler

So there you have it a cooler worthy of any soccer mom or tailgate party? So what are you waiting for head down to your local Walmart and grab this awesome deal !

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  1. What a super cute idea! ZonePerfect bars are a great idea to keep in the cooler. I usually eat one in the afternoon and I always get a little pick me up from it! Fudge Graham are my fav! #client

  2. I’ll need to try out those granola bars. I really like you cooler, a fun way to spruce up something plain. Congrats on your daughter graduating! #HomeMattersParty

  3. Melissa, this so cute! I love that you made a necessity cute and fun for your family. #HomeMattersParty

  4. You are so right about needing a cooler! I love your design – I everything should be decorated! #HomeMattersParty

  5. I love your soccer kit, it’s a clever idea! I have never heard of Zone bars maybe I’ll try some. Thanks for sharing at the Talented Tuesday link party!! Have a great week.

  6. This looks like a wonderful soccer snack kit. My kids would sure love it.

  7. Say congrats to Mikaela on getting graduated!! and the super handy trick is very good I will try that soon and share the results thanks for sharing that here.

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