OZ is Great and Powerful

ozRecently I was able to attend a prescreening of the movie “Oz, The Great and Powerful.” When the movie first started I was a little thrown by it being in black and white. I felt like this part could have been shortened quit a bit. But other than that I thought this movie was incredible. I saw the movie in 3-D and I admit there were a few times that I was scared by something flying off the screen. Yep I was scared.

Gracie has been wanting to see this movie and I have to admit that I am little hesitant about taking her. But I think that I am going to have to let her go but only to the 2D version. This movie had a lot of adult humor in it that young kids will not get like Chinatown. And no it is not what you think. Chinatown is a town full of China dolls. But the China Doll and the monkey have to be my favorite parts in the movie.

Here is my suggestion if you want to take you child to this movie check out the trailers and talk to other parents about this movie and as a last resort see the movie before you take your child. Because after all you know what is best for your child.

Disclosure: I received two tickets to attend the prescreening of the movie Oz, The Great and Powerful. No other monetary compensation was provided. All opinions are 100% mine.

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