Madison Reed Covers Those Signs of Wisdom

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Do you often dread getting those roots covered? You know what I am talking about covering those grays signs of wisdom. Sometimes you just had to take matters into your own hands especially when your hairdresser is booked or money is a little tight. That’s when a company like Madison Reed , comes into to play. I absolutely love their kits. It comes with everything you will need to cover those grays.

When I was approached to review this awesome hair color kit I let my middle daughter, Mikaela, pick the color. She has always wanted to dye her hair- she picked a beautiful shade of red, Portofino Red.  But once the kit was delivered the second thoughts were delivered with it. She wavered back and forth for a few weeks- so I started looking for someone else to try it out for me. If I had known that she wasn’t going to try I would have picked out a color for myself. But luckily, my friend, Vicki, was up for the challenge.

One Saturday night, while I was attending a Railhawks game, Vicki got together with my other friend Courtney and they had a hair dying party. Courtney did Vicki’s hair and this is what she had to say. The kit was very easy to use. The directions were very clear and the kit came with everything you needed to color your hair. The kit came in such a neat cute package. Honestly, Courtney said it was pretty much dummy proof.

Now for the results of how well the kit worked. Coverage was good and it covered all those gray hairs signs of wisdom nicely. The Madison Reed Kit left her hair very shiny and the product smelled great. Just check out the results. Here are the before pictures.

 madison reed before

And now the after.

Madison Reed After

And just check it out from the back and side.

madison reed side two

Did you notice how much younger Vicki looks with her new vibrant hair? Her hair is absolutely gorgeous.

This hair color is so different from the ones that you buy from the department stores. They are professional grade. I can’t wait to try it out for myself. Plus from time to time they  post deals so that you will be able to  grab a kit for yourself or a friend and save. Here is a hint Christmas is coming why not put a Madison Reed Gift Card on your Christmas List or buy one for a friend. I will guarantee that they will love you for it.

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  1. My wife’s salon has what they call a drive-by service for roots. You go in and they do it, leaving your hair in a cover. Then you drive home and wash it out yourself!

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