The Rx Factor Is it real or made Up?

Ever wonder if the amount that you are paying at the drugstore for your medications is actually 200% or more above the wholesale price? If you are like me you wonder that every time you pay for one of your prescription. Well, I just have gotten through reading an amazing work of fiction called The Rx Factor. This book is written by J. Thomas Shaw.
Here is a brief summary of the book

Five years after the death of his wife and children, Ryan Matthews is living alone with memories of his failed career in cancer research when fellow scientist Jordan Carver catches his eye. Preparing for a move to Mexico, Jordan plans to open a clinic where terminal patients will have affordable access to experimental medication. Despite Ryan’s skepticism on her willingness to bypass the FDA drug approval process, he is intrigued by Jordan’s passion and determination to provide alternative care to terminal patients. But when a violent explosion leaves the small Bahamian island of Exuma on edge, Ryan knows his life has once again been forever altered.

Drawn together by circumstance, attraction, and shared ambition, Ryan and Jordan become united in their international quest for the truth. The two embark on an explosive thrill ride ending in Washington, D.C., where the couple unravels the country’s best-kept secret: the government will stop at nothing to maintain the American way of life, with heartbreak and sickness for all.

Sounds thrilling doesn’t it?? Well let me tell you this book is amazing. I love how I was kept guessing until the end who the good guys and the bad guys were. I really loved the fact that part of the book took place in the Research Triangle Park in North Carolina. I don’t live that far from there so I can definitely see the places that Shaw was describing in the book. I also love the main character of Ryan. He basically has blamed himself for the death of his family for years only to find out there was people working in the background to make sure he never returned. He is not one of those researchers who are out to make millions and millions of dollars but he really wants to cure those who are stricken with ovArian cancer. I totally wished that part of the story was true and that the cure for cancer was found in real life 18 years ago because then I would still have my sister here with me.

There are so many twists and turns in this book that the reader’s attention is held throughout the adventure. From the first time the reader is introduced to Ryan, sympathy is felt. I mean he could be your husband, cousin, brother, uncle, brother-in-law and/or friend.

Do yourself a favor and pick up The Rx Factor today you will not be disappointed.

Now here is a little bit about the author, J. Thomas Shaw.

 He was born in Illinois and attended college in Illinois as well. He also attended college to further his degrees in North Carolina. He currently lives in San Diego with his wife and two children. You can read more about him here. Also make sure you check out his website and his blog.

Interested in buying this amazing book you can check it out on Amazon.

I received a copy of The Rx Factor as well as monetary compensation for the purpose of this review. All opinion are 100% mine.

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